Small Video

Just a small video of my local area using footage gathered in 2 hours that was originally meant to be part of a larger video.


Earthquake Fundraising Event

1/06/2008 held a sponsored event in Xin Jie Kou, Nanjing, for the fundraising for last months earthquake in SiChuan province.

It turned out to be a really successful event, with a crazy amount of stuff getting organised last minute, from permission to do it in the busiest area of nanjing, to fashioning a pullup bar out of cupboards at midnight the previous night, to transporting everything by push tricycle.

Huge thanks to everyone who came, who donated, who supported, and who contributed at all. The event started at about 11am, and ended around 6:30pm. We had a live band, singing, and multiple people hosting, as well as a random appearance from a couple of guys from the british olympic diving team to do a somersault and handstand. Was a good day all in all, with over 10,000 yuan raised in total, around £700. I completed 1000 pullups in about 7 hours or so. My body is far too weak, didnt imagine it to be that hard to be honest, especially since i planned to do 2000 originally!

A very full day with people on the grind all day smiling non-stop, some real positivity throughout. Much love,

Some pics below, Peace!