I haven't written anything for a while....for no particular reason actually other than I haven't really been bothered or compelled to.
Back to uni on wednesday, so the holiday since coming back from China is quickly drawing to a close. China seems like a bit of a blur, and has been an excellent illustration of how fast life can pass by.

Summer holidays = Good.

Past month I havent really trained much, if at all. Something has changed since before when i used to only think about training. I started getting back into drawing and painting very suddenly, shortly after the drawing session that was had at Soul Survivor. So been doing that a lot to be honest. In terms of me as person, I think I have changed quite a bit. Things have fallen into perspective a little, for me in regards to my life anyway. I feel like something inside me, the obsessive nature that used to drive me to think about and train parkour/movement/whatever everyday, has died. Its actually weird because it has taken place over the past month and is actually quite a huge change. I just feel like parkour and movement has been moved from being the only thing in my vision, to something at the side in balance with everything else. Its still very important to me to move and be healthy, but I do not feel the same internal pressure or obsession to excel at it, but instead to enjoy it and just use all forms of movement to stay strong and able. Being a Christian has changed me the most since now all i want to do (although i fail often) is be in God's will for my life, so thats my main focus, which I am still having to work on. So basically parkour/movement has taken a more, what i think for me, balanced place in my life and I feel more open to everything else.

One recent venture is Mangoshoguns, which has been set up with my good friend Mat. Basically we are trying to get opportunities to do spray paint commissions for whoever, and have just today finished painting a company's van, which was pretty stressful!
Anyway, check out the website by clicking the tag below and give us a holla if you want anything done!

hope everyone is well, always good to here from peeps so give us a shout,