Cat crawl update

Got to a benchmark in the very little crawl-specific training I have done today. Managed to do 30 minutes of solid circuits on flat concrete without any stops. My upperbody was feeling good from the shoulder conditioning i have been doing in the past and i had no problem with my abs or anything, although they were tight the whole time. The legs I think are the hardest part because they started to cramp a bit at around 25 mins, especially in the adductors and quads if fully extended. This meant i had to change technique from straight legs, to bent legs, to legs turning sideways and just alternating to stave off some nasty crampage. Felt good overall though and managed to crawl out of the car park down a flight of stairs when i had done the 30 mins without too much trouble. But when i stood up, damn did i feel dizzy, was really weird like i was floating haha, but it felt like a great relief. I didnt realise the amount of stress it puts through the knees though, as after about5 minutes walking back the patellar tendons in both knees really started to ache. Its because there is tension and force going through them the whole time and the legs dont get much range of movement so there is a lot of strain through the quads and consequently the tendon at the knee. Also pretty killer on the hamstrings and when i flexed my heel up to my ass i could really feel it was weaker.
Overall though quite happy with my progress on it. I think i could do 45 mins or maybe even an hour but it would be really hellish haha. Need to try and do this at least once a week and keep up the shoulder and core conditioning.


Targets and Goals

Ok, bit late but as of the 15th, here are my stats.
Very happy with the pullups as i managed to get 20 using no momentum and all from strength so that is a big achievement since i have been stuck at about 14 as my absolute limit for as long as i can remember. Also I have managed to get 12 pullups with 18kg weight vest.
One arm pushups, I have got 8 on each arm, with the form starting to slip a bit on the last few in so far as i tilt my shoulder and stray from being parallel to the floor. So i need to work on those more.
The planche work has been completely unfruitful, but i know why and its because i was far to lax with it, my mind being mainly on the pullups. So i need to either get focused on it as much as i was on the pullups, or change the training and concentrate on it later.
Same with front lever really, although i was fairly regular with training them, it just wasnt enough and it should have been done more i think, so back onto that, or again, leaving it for a future date.
Pullups: 20
One arm pushups (each arm): 8
Planche: 15 secs
Front Lever: didn't time it, around 4 secs fully straight.

But really I have much better developments than all these, and thats my knee. I trained a LOT of impact in Cambridge on saturday for the whole day and my knee feels great with no pain. Did a lot of new things including a 9 foot cat pass to arm jump which me and phil did which i really overshot and could possibly crane, although bit risky with the splits bail i did on one smaller.

But yeah, i have basically been stretching my quad a lot trying to loosen up the tendon and it really seems to have done so much good, best its felt for more than a year, so fingers crossed.
Thinking about new and fresh ways to train as i feel a bit stale with the routine i have been following. Periodization training is sounding good at the moment, maybe with one week focusing on muscle ups with weight, then next week endurance, then next plyometric pullups....something like this i think to keep my body on its toes and have a bit more of a complete training 'system'. Stretching also needs to be upped, but im getting closer to box splits with after a 30 min session getting within about 3 inches of the floor, my calfs were touching the floor. Thursday conditioning nights have also been going for about 17 weeks now and i have felt the benefits with being able to do 50 climbups with 12kg vest and no breaks without any trouble. So,
- New training 'system' to achieve a more complete result and gain in strength
- Achieve the goals that havent been completed already, then advance
- Train front lever and planche in a way that will see results
- More stretching
- Keep an eye on the knee and keep stretching and easing back into more parkour
- Start with some proper training for this cat crawl i have been saying i will do!


Crunch time.

Ok, just last night i had to make one of the biggest decisions of my life i think. My mum and dad are in Jordan for their anniversary at the moment (yes its next to iraq lol). Me and my dad got onto the list for applicants of the 2009 Marathon Des Sables a little while ago. So 3 days ago, I recieved a call from my dad who was using a payphone at a hotel, saying that 'we have to pay for the marathon on monday (today) at 10am in order to get a place'. He left the decision with me and for the past 3 days i have had a big dilema of whether i really feel capable of doing this or not, both mentally and physiologically with diabets etc. So last night i spent most of it looking through previous blogs and diaries at the experience of people who had achieved this feat, and half of me was filled with dread, but gradually i thought that i was capable of this and that i wanted to do it. That was the main reason, trying to justify WHY did i really want to do this? I guess to see IF i can, to see me own limits, and to push myself to such a degree of pain and hopefully by finishing it, i would have a new perspective on things and i would really gain something for the rest of my life from it. These are all selfish reasons, but also i would do it in aid of new foundations.
So yeah, at 10am, i have about 10 minutes until all the places for the uk are sold out (about 200) so ill be sitting there refreshing it till i have some luck (hopefully). Ill post whether my dad and I gain a place or not when i find out in a week!
UPDATE: Ok, me mat and my dad have now put the 500 pound deposit each for the waiting list for 2009. About 50 people drop out each year so hopefully we should get a place!