A new path....

To cut a long story short, as of the last few weeks I have put my faith in the bible and Christ. I say the last few weeks because unlike what I expected, when I made a commitment to Christianity, I felt nothing revolutionary, in fact it was a huge disappointment. But I have come to realise that like in anything with life, practice and time is needed to understand things, so although I have many questions that I am struggling with, I have made a commitment to this and to search within it.
Its been a thing that I have been questioning for two years now and I feel that I need to choose whether it is the truth or not, and through many different influences and looking at different forms of evidence and views I have chosen to try and give myself to God. Like I said I still have many issues with it that i struggle with, but to keep it short, I have chosen this as my path.
I think all of us who practice parkour are looking for something in life that has meaning and is something above and beyond what the world and society offer. Parkour has brought together many of these types of people looking for something true, so I just want to say, don't let your search stop at parkour, but think about why you are here and what life is actually about and what your purpose is. Don't let yourself drift through life without considering what is above and beyond what is on offer here, because as we all know, the best things in life are free (eg parkour) and not a product that man can offer.
I wanted to just shout it out on here since it has become more than just a blog for training to me, but somewhere to say whats happening in my life in general also.

Aside from that, China is going well, start lessons next week. Will keep updates on here about what is in the works and what is going on for those interested. If anyone wants to talk at all of anything just email me,

Much love everyone, hope training is good,