Goals and Progression

Goals for March 15th

Pullups: 20
Tuck Planche: 30 secs
Front Lever: 10 secs
One Arm Pushups: 10
OAP: Both arms

I have been following a certain routine for the past month and instead of maxing out on 14 pullups, I hit 17 the other day, so hopefully the 20 mark isnt too far off. Basically i'll post what i have achieved by the date above, hopefully all of it.
Also the cat crawling hasnt really been happening since i had a wrist problem and then it went a little while ago but im going to get back into training for it now. If anyone else is interested in doing it post a comment, going to make it a 2 mile one so that it wont take forever to train for, then maybe after that have subsequent ones who knows. But I am thinking that Early April would be best, before the 10th so if anyone wants to do it with me then start training for it. I still dont know where to do it....erm, i dont even know how its going to be measured yet but anyway we can cross tht bridge later, just start training if you want to join in, proceeds of sponsor money to

  • New Foundations Charity
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    New plan for knee as well, gonna try to get on NHS waiting list for an op and if it heals with physio and rest ill cancel, if not ill get it.
    Started with the whey and soy protein a while ago as well, really helps i think as i feel i recover much fast from training, taking about 25gm's of each after training. Also began vegetariansim two weeks ago with some friends just for the sake of it not permanently after seeing some nasty KFC and animal cruelty videos, still havent eaten meat and im just gonna keep it up as a kind of experiment.
    Diet is still good, feeling happy with it. All up till the evening its fruit/porridge/weetabix almost exclusively, then in the evening its hella vegetables and some carbs of some sort with protein shake after training in the day. Havent eaten anything like a muffin/chocolate/tasty pastry or whathaveyou since new year now, an achievement for me!
    Also thursdy conditioning nights are going well, regulars as well as myself seeing some definite gains so that is pretty sweet.
    Anyway, how is everyone else doing, hope training/life is good and fruitful yo.
    Ps: Search 'Terry Tate Linebacker' in youtube, funniest thing ive seen for aaaaages.
    pps: Take extra care and stay strong livewire bro,
    peace (of cake)