Goals and Progression

Goals for March 15th

Pullups: 20
Tuck Planche: 30 secs
Front Lever: 10 secs
One Arm Pushups: 10
OAP: Both arms

I have been following a certain routine for the past month and instead of maxing out on 14 pullups, I hit 17 the other day, so hopefully the 20 mark isnt too far off. Basically i'll post what i have achieved by the date above, hopefully all of it.
Also the cat crawling hasnt really been happening since i had a wrist problem and then it went a little while ago but im going to get back into training for it now. If anyone else is interested in doing it post a comment, going to make it a 2 mile one so that it wont take forever to train for, then maybe after that have subsequent ones who knows. But I am thinking that Early April would be best, before the 10th so if anyone wants to do it with me then start training for it. I still dont know where to do it....erm, i dont even know how its going to be measured yet but anyway we can cross tht bridge later, just start training if you want to join in, proceeds of sponsor money to

  • New Foundations Charity
  • .
    New plan for knee as well, gonna try to get on NHS waiting list for an op and if it heals with physio and rest ill cancel, if not ill get it.
    Started with the whey and soy protein a while ago as well, really helps i think as i feel i recover much fast from training, taking about 25gm's of each after training. Also began vegetariansim two weeks ago with some friends just for the sake of it not permanently after seeing some nasty KFC and animal cruelty videos, still havent eaten meat and im just gonna keep it up as a kind of experiment.
    Diet is still good, feeling happy with it. All up till the evening its fruit/porridge/weetabix almost exclusively, then in the evening its hella vegetables and some carbs of some sort with protein shake after training in the day. Havent eaten anything like a muffin/chocolate/tasty pastry or whathaveyou since new year now, an achievement for me!
    Also thursdy conditioning nights are going well, regulars as well as myself seeing some definite gains so that is pretty sweet.
    Anyway, how is everyone else doing, hope training/life is good and fruitful yo.
    Ps: Search 'Terry Tate Linebacker' in youtube, funniest thing ive seen for aaaaages.
    pps: Take extra care and stay strong livewire bro,
    peace (of cake)


    1. awesome stuff man, life and training is awesome atm had a great sesh last with owen, ross n goob at a pretty much new spot and it was SIK and owen bailed (but saved himself realy well) a rail precision because the rail was soo wobly lol, oh yh and owen (the massive gay one) did the tic tac pecision we were looking at at the top top of lion yard over the steps. Skills on the diet man im still eating quite a few things i shouldn't and still not enough fruit but my diet is definately better than it was, oh yh i am DEFINATELY in for the cat crawl mission (gota train a million for it tho) its gona be fun and hopefuly we'l raise a lot for new foundations. Realy cool to here your doing good man!

      Peace! and i realy hope the knee problem is resolved very very soon :D

    2. Yo dude, wow sounds good as always!
      I dont get how you find time to do all this, every time i look at your blog i get all vegie inspired and want to give up the junk food. However i dont think i would give up the KFC only eat em every now and then but i love em! I got a mate whos a veg-head and he always sends me them sickening videos of cows being mached up or chikens geting shot in the name of my lunch..never seems to work tho.
      Eating meet is just right..

      As for not eating chocolate, HOW are you doing it i eat so much everyday and just cant stop!!lol Good idear about the NHS waiting list..its what i did and it kind of worked.
      Whats up with livewire??

      talk soon. Cable Saiyan, BPCA.

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    4. have a look at this mate, it may help keep you on track..lol

      | | | Inbox



    5. hahaha i have a confession, met a friend from china who i hadnt seen in a year yesterday and we all went to wokmania, and i ate SOOOO much including meat and chocolate haha, and then almost threw up an hour later and my stomach felt soooo bad, urgh, well that was a slight hiccup but back to business now lol. First chocolate for ages!! it was a chocolate fountain ok!! Still feelin it even now lol.
      Oh yeah and live needed another op on the other leg which is even worse so he isnt doing so great atm :/
      Glad to hear training is going well phil and that you are up for the cat crawling, nice one man,
      and ps, that video is fucked up dude!

    6. lol you binged out!! good for you, sorry about the video..
      ps the urban-arts porjects a no-go mate. fill you in next time i see you.

    7. FUCK!!!!

      that video is sooo nasty :(

      haha, back to diet...

      im having chocolate fonddo fand strawberries for pudding today haha
      but its my tastey food thats not so good for you day :D


    8. Great stuff with strength training, but you ahve GOT to be carefull if your going veggie.

      Most veggies pig out on dairy products to get the protein they are lacking from meat which i mst say is NOT advisable since most dairy has nasty sides affects which most people seem to not now about and then take in way too much. Yogurt is the only one which i would suggest to have every single day with fruit mixed in to make it nice and sweet:-)

      But you gotta keep on taking in pulses such as rice, chick peas etc etc to get the right amount the right protein needed if your not eating any meat. You might already knwo this but hey.

      Also, are you still eating fish? Or are you a hardcore veggie:-p

    9. cheers for the info man, yeah i dont take in too much dairy, just a lot of skimmed milk, about 4/5 pints a week cos i have so much cereal.
      Trying to stay off the fish as well, im not sure, i love fish, but im gonna see if i can go a month just as an experiment type thing.
      I have soy protein isolate which is pretty good, and yeah i try and get a lot of green vegetables and pulses/beans/etc as well, also fruit has some protein and im eating a fair bit of that.
      Anything else that you think is helpful let me know man, you seem to know a lot about diet etc!

    10. Hmmm using Bens account?

      I knwo so much since me Mum lectures me on what i eat since she is training to be a nutritional therpaist. Will be better next year when she studies sports nutrition so until then i'm not really the guy to talk to.

      I would highly recomend quinoa as another great source of protein, but you gotta try and combine your pulses with things such as brown rice to get all the essential amino acids that are found in protein.

      Go on http://www.vegsoc.org/ & http://www.vegansociety.com/html/ for looooads more info and recommended menus etc etc.

      The only vitamin you can't get (unless you like marmite) is B12 which is used for energy metabolism which is very important aswell as other things. but your body should have stored it from the animal products you have eaten before to last you a while so you should be ok.


    11. I got bet running with a few guys here from Germany with some of you goals but the 10 planche en force are missing.

      Lots of luck with your knee.

    12. haha, ok then thats no pressure on me!

    13. Nice goals you've got there Jin, good luck with them! 20 pullups is a big step from 14 so it will be a major achievement if you pull it off. All the best matey.

      Nice one on the diet, after avoiding the typically French cuisine in Lisses I was forced to eat nothing but chocolate bread, Yop and Haribo! Haha, it tested my ability to function with crap inside me if nothing else. I did eat loads of fruit though and Yop is apparently good for you. I'm glad I'm back home for normal food even if I do miss Lisses itself.

      I don't eat KFC, McDonalds or anything like that and haven't done for like 2 years now. I do have the occasional take-out from the local Chinese but besides that, I'm quite happy with my diet.

      The cat crawl challenge sounds really good... two miles is going to be tough but it's achievable, I'm not sure of my plans around that time yet but I'd love to take part, I'll get training and let you know closer to the time whether I can participate. Hopefully I can!

      Looking forward to the next time we meet and train.


    14. mate! im in with the cat crawl for new foundations, must train loads though. btw that video is actully so funny (terry tate one) i stopped watching that other one MY GOD!

      see you when i do, peace out cub scout.

    15. hey whats up jin long time no see since you TCT boys etc. migrated to huntingdon gym. we should meet up in cambridge some time to train . i can backflip now and have vastly improved.

      suffolk parkour

    16. good stuff man, good luck with the cat-crawl thing - its good to see

      dont know whether you're interested or not, but I have just made a topic on Parkour.net where you can put a link to your Parkour blog, to 'advertise' it, in a way, and so you can check out some other blogs


      cookie //HMB Parkour

    17. Cool targets mate,
      You're doing extremely well at conditioning sessions and it's helpful to us that you keep us motivated and get us to do the bastard exercises we hate most.

      I'm feeling myself improving and being able to endure more reps of each exercise and last longer. I'm pleased with the double-arm climb-up technique you showed me.

      Keep it all up, man. Apart from the gay vegetarian nonsense lol.


      P.S. Meat FTW!

    18. Three days to go, I wonder how many of your goals you've achieved! How's your form on the one armed pushups?