Gym, knee, diet

Whattup, just a short post.
Basically had a consultation today abou the knee, turns out there is NOTHING wrong with my cruciate despite being told otherwise by 2 physiotherapists and its just my patellar that is bad, which has tendonitis. This confused me because being told about the cruciate so much i had it ingrained into my head that it was bad but apparently its fine so thats good. All i need to do is what im still doing, apparently patellar tendonitis can take up to 2 yrs to recover! But mine will recover much sooner im sure of it, going to rehab the hell out of it to avoid surgery on it so its a good result overall!

Diet is good atm, just wanted to say ive had no chocolate for 20 days! haha, yep thats good for me since i was having to many too often, and my carb intake has shot right down. All in all now i eat about 1500-2000 calories a day, and a bulk of it is fruit and veg, and lots of muesli and porridge lol. Ordered some soy and whey protein as well as a smoothie maker to make some fruity protein drinks, yum yum.

And below is a really lame video haha, dont know why im posting it. Basically me and mat went to a gym 'session' and NO ONE was there, so we had the WHOLE place to ourselves for about 2 hrs before being found and politely asked to leave. Nothing crazy or new, not much filmed, we were just having fun! oh and mats aerials are pwning mine like feck!


  1. Nice video and glad your diet and knee problems are going good:-) Who was who in that video? I'm very confused!

  2. me and my friend mat were in it, the gym was deserted. I had my top off btw,

  3. good to hear its not as serious as you first thought! I'm getting some werid pains in my right knee myself. Not really pain more a nagging feeling. Gotta get it checked out!

    Been wanting to get some whey protein for a while but i was never sure what was good and what was crazy bodybuilder stuff!

  4. hey man, yeah i researched it a while before i ordered. Whey concentrate is good because its like 90% protein with no fat or carbs, so its fine to take and natural. Im gonna take about 100grms of it so like 50gm soy and 50gm whey. Soy seems good because it has some more health properties than why other than just protein, and the protein isnt absorbed so fast so its a nice balance of the two. But check out www.myprotein.co.uk for ideas, theres bulking powders and the such so you know what your getting,

  5. YES! Such a big smile on my face right now about your knee, I'm so pleased for you.

    I was talking to Livewire the other day and we were saying how bad injuries and damage always seems to happen to the guys who don't deserve it (not that anybody does, I just mean the guys who don't jump off roofs every weekend). It's a shame how all the big-jump-silly-billies all seem to be just fine. I guess it's more long term that the effects will show.

    Good one on the diet, I tend to think of my overall progression coming down to something like:
    50% conditioning
    20% technical training
    20% diet (including supplements)
    10% rest/recovery/sleep.

    So to me, diet is really important... I don't pay too much attention to my actual calorie intake, I seem to have found a good balance without resorting to scales and Sherlocking on the backs of boxes. During the week I eat around 14 portions of fruit per day, pasta, potatoes, chicken, turkey, fish and vegetables etc. At the weekend I eat a little less fruit and more carbs and high energy food for my Parkour training. One day per week, usually a Sunday I'll indulge in whatever I like. I guess it's tougher for you as you need to keep your sugar levels in check but there's no doubt 20 days without chocolate is a good thing. :D

    Keep it up bro, hopefully see you once again real soon.


  6. Oh and for supplements I take:

    Whey Protein
    Glucosamine Sulphate
    Cod Liver Oil
    and a Multivitamin


  7. Glad about the knee,
    Where's that gym; looks pretty sweet? I've been trying to find a gymnastics gym around here but there's fuck all. Asked Tod (from huntington, dunno if i told you but he's doing same course as me at warwick) and he said he couldnt find anything either, pretty gay.
    Matt's aerials are :O

  8. Lol, my Mum is anutritional therapist so she knows some shizzle. Next year she is taking her degree is sporting nutrition so i could e-mail some people some diet stuff if anyone wanted me too:-)

  9. alright james, yeah its in leeds, i sometimes treck up there to visit mat and we go to the gym together, and yeah mats aerials are sicko!
    We need to meet up again at some point and do something, maybe come up here and we could all go to the gym or climb or something, either way would be cool,
    speak to you soon,

  10. Great news about your knee! That's excellent. And it's good you've been sensible as fuck about it throughout.

    Blane's right about the roof-jumping twats who get away injury-free. Bastards. They'll have it come to them in about 10 years when their ligaments are in shreds.

    Hope to see you some time in the next year or so if you ever show your face lol haha

    Take care bro,


  11. Mat's little stand up thingys after the ariels are so funny

    Anyway, good news on the knee man, its good to hear these things :)

    see you soon man, peace!

  12. SAFE!!

    me and nathan went to the 'holland and barret' shop in lion yard and there having a half price sail on whey protien in two weeks YAY!! so im gona get a tub of chocolate and a tub of strawerry whey protien, might see if they have soy but il orobably just get whey.

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  14. Dude... i was so impressed. Mat has improved so much man... i cannot do anything yet. haha

    And Julian I'm so glad to see you flipping and doing stuff...last time i saw you you couldn't walk very well....

    awesome you are getting better.