At least its an answer,

Just been out training in the rain at a pitch black playground with my bro for 2 hours, was great. My brother is 16 and got interested in parkour a while ago and properly started in october, going from not being able to do ONE pullup, to getting out 100 pullups tonight over the course of the session.
Well, yestarday I had an MRI scan, my dad and I drove to Cheltenham to get one done much much cheaper than here, and the result came through today. The reason I wanted one done is because there has been no significant improvement on my knee over the past 7 months or so, even tho I have been doing a lot of rehabilitation for it. So, I came back after training and my dad told me to have a look at the fax of results, turns out I have definately got a partial cruciate tear, which my dad reckons is most probably the road to surgery, which means waiting on the NHS for months to get it done, and then some more recovey to do for it. In a way, I am glad for this though, because I was doing all this work on my leg and trying to get it really great with little/no result, and if the scan had said things are fine, I wouldnt know what to do. So basically I have a consultation later this month to see what to do about it, but most likely is surgery. At this point I am willing to do anything to get it back to how it was and so I am able to fully train, and although I have been training as hard as ever these past months, I really miss being able to just do real and raw parkour, instead of some very light moves here and there, with a lot of conditioning and rehab replacing most of the technical side. So, finally I have an answer to why this process has been so agonisingly slow, and to think I originally did the injury over a year ago while doing a gainer in China.
So now I know what I have, I am gonna concentrate my training on strength, gymnastic basics, a LOT of bouldering, stretching, and very light parkour movements, but no impact. So I hope to be fairly strong by the end of all this, I just hope its ok by the summer!
Take care everyone and keep training,


  1. Told you gainers were bad for your health

    Seriously though, must be good to know what the state of play is with it.
    I've been out since late july with a torn rib cartlidge and only now have been told that training on it wont aggrevate it, despite extreme pain in that area even when sneezing! So now I have to take hardcore painkillers if I want to train until it calms down

  2. Awesome to see you again today, always good to catch up in person even if we don't get a chance to train.

    I'm glad you're being so positive about the whole knee situation as I'm sure it would get a lot of people down - pleased to hear you're being so damn sensible and just concentrating on conditioning, strength work and basics to get you ready for when you are back to full health.

    I'm sure you can take comfort from Stephane's experience that he's only been training for 6/7 years and spent like 2 of those years injured... his level is still amazing despite only 4 years of training with full health. Knee injuries sound bad and are of course serious but you can definetly still progress during your recovery with a sensible approach.

    All the best mate, if there's anything I can do you know where I am. =)


  3. hope you heal well and get stronger than ever man , i know what its liek to have an injury that just wont seem to get any better

    i also know what its like to have to wait for the nhs which is definately worse than the injury itself

    hope you get seen to quickly and have it all done and gone soon and to see lots more parkour from you soon

  4. Urgh sounds nasty. Good luck with your conditioning plans and even more good luck with surgery!

    Hopefully you will be back to normal soon so we can train in Sheffield whenever i go there again with Paul:-)

    Take care...

  5. hey dude, man that sucks! im sorry i didnt ask you about it when we talked at the meeting the other day, just whent on about me and my collerbone..sorry very rude of me bro.
    anyway the NHS is a pain dude as everyone knows the waiting list is silly,I was on it for a bit but when I new i could do without bits of "robocop" in me I droped out.
    blanes got a good point, good luck with the coming weeks bro, keep us updated.

  6. Sorry to hear that, Jin. As people have said though, it's good that you've been sensible about it by concentrating on conditioning, and by being glad you've discovered the cause of the pain from the injury.

    See you at a Thurs night sesh one night when you're back home in Sheffield (lol).

    All the best,


    Oh and cheers for adding my blog link. :D

  7. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long on the NHS. You'll have to come along to one of the Manchester sessions with the Sheffield lot once your knee is sorted.