Travels wrap up

All in all I got 5 weeks of traveling in around the south of China, 3 weeks around the province of Yunnan by myself, 1 week around Guilin and Yanghuo with friends, and a further week on the southernmost point of of China, the tropical island of Hainan.

Was such a great time and there is too much that happened for me to write about, mainly because I am feeling too lazy to and there are other things I want to do right now.

I feel very lucky to have had the time to just travel around for 5 weeks with no responsibility, and am now ready for getting back to studies, better eating, and training.

Some highlights:

- Getting destroyed by a 60 year old chinese Stallone in an arm wrestle.
- Catching the sunrise at the Yuanyan rice terraces at 7am.
- Eating phat banana pancakes and peanut butter ice cream.
- Overnight sleeper bus sandwiched between two chinese.
- Freezing to death in bed fully clothed watching Jurassic Park on VCD with a German travelling companion.
- Eating insane amounts of fruit I have never heard of or seen before.
- Having Yan introduce me to Naiwan baozi (yummmmmmmmm).
- Taking a stroll with friends along the most surreal and depressing beach just before Hainan.
- Playing with fireworks :).
- Just chilling on the beach with friends.
- Jumping from rocks into a waterfall in the rain forest.
- Owning at 'the flip flop game' with Tom.
- Getting smashed by waves at the beach.
- Trekking the Tiger leaping Gorge with safe people I just met.
- Being looked after by Mama and Papa and 'Mama's Naxi Guesthouse'.