Travels wrap up

All in all I got 5 weeks of traveling in around the south of China, 3 weeks around the province of Yunnan by myself, 1 week around Guilin and Yanghuo with friends, and a further week on the southernmost point of of China, the tropical island of Hainan.

Was such a great time and there is too much that happened for me to write about, mainly because I am feeling too lazy to and there are other things I want to do right now.

I feel very lucky to have had the time to just travel around for 5 weeks with no responsibility, and am now ready for getting back to studies, better eating, and training.

Some highlights:

- Getting destroyed by a 60 year old chinese Stallone in an arm wrestle.
- Catching the sunrise at the Yuanyan rice terraces at 7am.
- Eating phat banana pancakes and peanut butter ice cream.
- Overnight sleeper bus sandwiched between two chinese.
- Freezing to death in bed fully clothed watching Jurassic Park on VCD with a German travelling companion.
- Eating insane amounts of fruit I have never heard of or seen before.
- Having Yan introduce me to Naiwan baozi (yummmmmmmmm).
- Taking a stroll with friends along the most surreal and depressing beach just before Hainan.
- Playing with fireworks :).
- Just chilling on the beach with friends.
- Jumping from rocks into a waterfall in the rain forest.
- Owning at 'the flip flop game' with Tom.
- Getting smashed by waves at the beach.
- Trekking the Tiger leaping Gorge with safe people I just met.
- Being looked after by Mama and Papa and 'Mama's Naxi Guesthouse'.


  1. sweet! looks like great fun man. the highlight list is a good idea into what you got out of the trip which is cool. i'm really getting exicted about my own short adventure now! my blog has all the details (haha shameless plugging!) but yeh, got some travel buddies, got a general plan. can't wait!

    all the best with studies and training!

  2. Aw man the travelling sounds epic. Glad you're having a sick time.

    Some of those photos are insane! What is the 2nd picture of? Haha the language in that sign is terrible!

    And :O you got your hair cut!

    When are you coming home? Will you be here for the Trace Gathering?

    Would love to hear from you some time, drop me an email or facebook message if you get the chance. :)

    Good luck with your studies and the rest of your time over there. Look after yourself.


  3. Oh and some news from England. We had an earthquake this morning at 1am. Nothing crucial, just made everything in the country shake lol.

  4. Hey - cool to see you looking dead happy and well. Travels sound absolutely amazing. Dead jealous:) .... just what you needed before delving into more study. Make sure speak soon and have lots more fun!!! Much love, rach and nafe
    PS Nafe likes very much your china sampler....:)

  5. Heeeeeeeeeeey man! Great to read that update and find out what you have been up to. Some of those photos are just truly stunning, I imagine seeing them in the flesh would have been even more inspiring. Some of them I can't even comprehend or compare with anything I've seen before. :O

    You got a haircut! Was it a big decision?

    Can't wait to see you my friend, stay safe.


  6. Sounds like you had a great time there, Jin.
    "- Getting destroyed by a 60 year old chinese Stallone in an arm wrestle."
    The most unbelievable results come with the longest serious training i've ever seen: the life.

    Take care Jin,
    Cheers from Brazil.

  7. no!

    Whyd you lose the hair!!??

    Lots of memories there mate, some amazing pics also.

    Take care, see you soon.

  8. Wot up, Jin?

    You visited some awesome landscapes and you've taken beautiful pics..

    Very cool, bro..

    Best regards drom Brazil.

    Bruno rachacuca.