I arrived in Dali two days ago after taking the 5 hour bus from Kunming. Its basically a small walled town which if in the centre, just looks like a tourist resort, but after walking around, is actually a place where people live, work and go to school. Its by a HUGE lake called Erhai lake, and at the foot of the CanShan mountains, which today I hiked up. The hike turned out to be a bit of a mission, getting much higher than I thought I would, and then having a minor freak out in my head about being to high and it being too late and so having to decide to turn back instead of loop around. Was a really great 8 hour climb up and down though, and the views were so good, felt like the highest I have ever been on ground, dunno if it was my imagination but thought the atittude was quite apparent, prob just my mind though haha. Feeling pretty rinsed now though i tells ya'.

Anyway, travelling by myslf has its up and downs. I spend most of my time just exploring around, and when not, just think about near everything and questioning everything going on in my life, like parkour, God, chinese, direction....etc. Just feel a bit directionless and want to have some concrete goals to aim toward in the long term, because I think without goals life is pretty meaningless to be honest. Thanks to an email from my dad, he has reminded me just to chill and that I am doing something productive with the studying, being here, parkour, pursuing God, and all that. So although it feels pretty lonely at times just being by myself, its also got me to clear my head and question things rather than being distracted by other things. So its all good, again, can't imagine Thomas' adventure right now, full support. Check his blog and give him a hand with some comments, inspiring guy. www.thomadventures.blogspot.com
The centre of Dali old town

Finish of a school day

Rub buddha's belly!

Zhonghe Temple half way up mountain

Typical street in Dali

Cool looking cloud and some fields at the foot of the mountain

Halfway up the mountain on 'cloudy pass'

Some horseys

Halfway up an electricity tower thing

Nice view from about halfway up

View from the highest point I climbed to

Some insence at the temple

Realising maybe I climbed too high


  1. mate that looks pretty sweet!

  2. Some truly epic pictures there mate, very peaceful views.

    Wish I was there.

  3. Wot up, Jin?

    I read your previous post and i'm glad you back on the track.
    Those pictures are awesome, it's seems like a very peaceful place.

    I hope you have a blast.

    Cheers from Brazil,

    Bruno Rachacuca.

  4. Wicked photos! Looks fab. Your dad is very wise... and, maybe feeling apparently directionless is one of the challenges that will help you grow:) I have had to face this, but actually, once you chill about feeling you don't have purposeful direction, it is a great relief:)! Well, was for me.... take care and posting more piccies up here. rj

  5. wow, mate, seriously awesome photos!
    your china trip is sounding very epic, i hope its as good as it looks!
    Liking these little blog updates aswell, nice to see what you are rocking in asia. :)

    take care matey
    all the best for everything

  6. Anonymous11:16 PM

    The photos are precious.

    China is a pretty place, that luck to be there.

    Take care Jin. ;D

  7. Great pics and content from your travels Jin. Between you and Thomas with your far expeditions, I find it all inspirational and very interesting to read.

    Take Care!


  8. Anonymous12:24 AM

    hey Jin
    (Re 1 of your previous blogs)
    congrats and very happy for you in re-experiencing the beauty our art contains.
    it is a great feeling to be rewarded and reminded of why you do something!
    and even more it is a great feeling to understand why you have that feeling.

    looks like your having a great time, all the best and have much fun!

    i have a question about china as i know you are on a trip there, do you speak chinese?
    i am planning 3 months to stay in a shaolin monk temple on Mount Song i think (the nearest city is Dengfeng i believe), to train in both
    buddhism and there style of kung fu. but i am still unsure if this
    will even be possible as i do not speak chinese.. how could i do this, or go to china
    if i do not speak chinese? would i have to learn??

    hope all is going well in your journeys

  9. Anonymous1:38 AM

    Those must be some of the most inspiring pictures I have ever seen.

    There is a whole world to see... Well done on stepping out the door and seeing it for yourself!

    (And thanks for the motivation!)