Solo travels

At the moment I am in Yunnan province, a south wester province of China, currently in Kunming, a massive and extremely beautiful city.
Just thought I would post what I am up to at the moment. Basically because we have 2 months holiday starting January, I decided I wanted to go to Yunnan and just explore some areas, so I have got about 20 days of travelling by myself and just getting to know the place.
Im planning to take a bus to Dali, which is a small walled town surrounded by mountains and natural scenery as well as many small villages. While I am there I just plan on exploring around by bike and foot, checking out the villages, running, studying, reading the word, and eating tasty food haha. From there its off to Lijiang which is similar but surrounded by grander mountains, and also the step before the Tiger leaping gorge, a trek that lasts about 3 days in a really deep gorge that I want to do. Basically its just a time for me to explore, train a bit, read, and go on some missions.
Nothing like the sounds of Thomas' current adventures, full respect to the man in the conditions that he is facing, not sure I would be up for it all!

Well, plan on going to Dali in a couple of days, still just spending almost all day here walking around the vast and beatiful city of Kunming, its got palm trees and greenery everywhere and a gorgeous lake which is wicked to chill at. Want to start sketching again as well, and need to get a camera too tomoro, which is looking to be a bit of an expense now!

Anyway, peace out!


  1. Sounds great... quite envious:))) Would love to see your sketches - remember seeing your ones from before and they were mind-blowingly fantastic!! You are a very talented guy:)) Happy travels... wish I could be trekking too... and take lots of photos...!! much love and blesses, rach and nafe x

  2. Have a great time with it all JIn, and learn lots!

  3. Sounds ace. Good luck!


  4. Anonymous6:27 PM

    hey Jin
    congrats and very happy for you in re-experiencing the beauty our art contains.
    it is a great feeling to be rewarded and reminded of why you do something!
    and even more it is a great feeling to understand why you have that feeling.

    i have a question about china as i know you are on a trip there, do you speak chinese?
    i am planning 3 months to stay in a shaolin monk temple on Mount Song i think (the nearest city is Dengfeng i believe), to train in both
    buddhism and there style of kung fu. but i am still unsure if this
    will even be possible as i do not speak chinese.. how could i do this, or go to china
    if i do not speak chinese? would i have to learn??

    hope all is going well in your journeys