Sponsored Cat Crawl

Decided that I am going to do a sponsored cat crawl some time early next year for my dads charity
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    So yeah, ive started training every weekday morning at about 8ish for 30 mins before lectures around a field in front of my hall.
    Aiming to do about 3 miles for the actual crawl, not sure where, cambridge or london i think.
    Anyway, so thats something im currently training for as i was thinking of ways to help people through training.



    First post for a fair while, just thought I would update so that people thought i wasn't dead/not training.
    The knee is improving a lot and I have been able to move onto more impact related movements recently, but still keeping up with rehab 3 times a week at the gym.
    When I got here it was pretty exciting, and i wanted to start learning so much, so i took up Breaking and bouldering. Only last week did i stop breaking to concentrate on parkour as my main discipline, a decision made after much thinking since i enjoyed it so much, but in the long term, its no good. I dont want to be average at a few things, so I am back on focus with parkour.
    The course is going well, very intensive with a lot of work set every week and doing about 20-30 hrs a week of it, but luckily i enjoy it a lot and there are some cool people on the course.
    Went with Blane, Rip, timmylee and yakob to perform and teach at 'White Air Extreme Sports Festival' last weekend. I wasn't such a fan of performing as I was for teaching and thoroughly enjoyed helping people to learn. The weekend was really enjoyable though, and DC held it down by himself for 3 days before we all arrived so much kudos to him. Hopefully get some photographs soon and more info up at www.teamtraceur.com
    Finally got a fairly rigid schedule down for the week in terms of training which is as follows (not including lectures and study). The gym includes about 40 mins of rehab, strength exercises(pullups,dips etc to failure on all), running(fartlek/interval OR longer steady sessions) Gymnastic Basics are handstands, presses, planche, front/back levers:

    Monday: Climbing, Gymnastic Conditioning, Leg Rehab
    Tuesday: Stretching, Core, Climbing, Leg conditioning,
    Wednesday: Climbing, Gymnastic Conditioning, Leg Rehab
    Thursday: Intensive stretching 1/2hrs, Leg conditioning, parkour conditioning(Hell night) 3hrs
    Friday: Climbing, Gymnastic Conditioning, Leg Rehab
    Saturday: Parkour conditioning, Non impact training
    Sunday: Leg conditioning, Gym session in Leeds(acro/conditioning)

    Also purchased a 20kg weight vest from reebok wich I wear everytime i go to the gym to train, but currently just on about 10kg and will slowly work up to avoid injury.
    Also, my dad and I are now on the waiting list for the Marathon Des Sables for 2009, so running is essential at the moment.
    The parkour conditioning nights are inspired by Blane's 'Hell nights' which is 3-4 hrs of solid conditioning with many of his fellow comrades throwing up in the process!
    Anyway, enjoy the below picture!
    Ninja backflip in club ;)