First post for a fair while, just thought I would update so that people thought i wasn't dead/not training.
The knee is improving a lot and I have been able to move onto more impact related movements recently, but still keeping up with rehab 3 times a week at the gym.
When I got here it was pretty exciting, and i wanted to start learning so much, so i took up Breaking and bouldering. Only last week did i stop breaking to concentrate on parkour as my main discipline, a decision made after much thinking since i enjoyed it so much, but in the long term, its no good. I dont want to be average at a few things, so I am back on focus with parkour.
The course is going well, very intensive with a lot of work set every week and doing about 20-30 hrs a week of it, but luckily i enjoy it a lot and there are some cool people on the course.
Went with Blane, Rip, timmylee and yakob to perform and teach at 'White Air Extreme Sports Festival' last weekend. I wasn't such a fan of performing as I was for teaching and thoroughly enjoyed helping people to learn. The weekend was really enjoyable though, and DC held it down by himself for 3 days before we all arrived so much kudos to him. Hopefully get some photographs soon and more info up at www.teamtraceur.com
Finally got a fairly rigid schedule down for the week in terms of training which is as follows (not including lectures and study). The gym includes about 40 mins of rehab, strength exercises(pullups,dips etc to failure on all), running(fartlek/interval OR longer steady sessions) Gymnastic Basics are handstands, presses, planche, front/back levers:

Monday: Climbing, Gymnastic Conditioning, Leg Rehab
Tuesday: Stretching, Core, Climbing, Leg conditioning,
Wednesday: Climbing, Gymnastic Conditioning, Leg Rehab
Thursday: Intensive stretching 1/2hrs, Leg conditioning, parkour conditioning(Hell night) 3hrs
Friday: Climbing, Gymnastic Conditioning, Leg Rehab
Saturday: Parkour conditioning, Non impact training
Sunday: Leg conditioning, Gym session in Leeds(acro/conditioning)

Also purchased a 20kg weight vest from reebok wich I wear everytime i go to the gym to train, but currently just on about 10kg and will slowly work up to avoid injury.
Also, my dad and I are now on the waiting list for the Marathon Des Sables for 2009, so running is essential at the moment.
The parkour conditioning nights are inspired by Blane's 'Hell nights' which is 3-4 hrs of solid conditioning with many of his fellow comrades throwing up in the process!
Anyway, enjoy the below picture!
Ninja backflip in club ;)


  1. Good to see you getting a schedule sorted out. Looking good.

    6 hours on Saturday? Will that be 10 - 4? What will you be doing with the rest of the day?

    I might see you tomorrow. Depending on what time you're starting. I'm training in the afternoon, but I'm not available Thursday evenings. If not, see you on Saturday at 10, I guess.

  2. ok cool, yeah the 6 hrs is a rough guide, anything give a few hours but at least that amount

  3. Blane2:39 PM


    Nice to see you again at the weekend Jin, glad you're settling in at uni and that you've refocused your training back onto a single track.
    I agree that I would also rather specialise in one area than dedicate time to other things, like I used to do with Capoeira... in the end it's a tough choice but if you can't give something your all then you'll never excel at it. I also gave up four years of Shotokan Karate to dedicate more time to Parkour. :O

    That's quite an intense schedule you have there mate, keep an eye on that knee and any other niggling body parts that might start to whinge. Any sign of overtraining should be dealt with straight away with a few days out. but I'm sure your strong enough and wise enough to cope with it all.

    HELL NIGHTS!!!! Now on our sixth week and i'm just making it harder and harder. To be fair, the guys who have turned up from day one such as Callum and Joe are turning into machines and coping with the increasing intensity well.
    I tell most people on their first night that they can expect to either throw up, bleed or cry or all of the above and generally, they do! Hehe.

    Hope you can make it to one sometime.

    See you soon! STEAMLOLLER.


  4. Yo doctor roflhax, lolzorz to the max. You should BLATANTLY make a blog mate, would be such a good read with pictures of hell night!
    Yeah mate was awesome to see you again, inspirational to my training even!
    Could you give me a few examples of the things you do on your hell nights so i know what kind of level your are killing yourselves at!

  5. Ok you've convinced me, my blog can be found at:


    Only just got it up and running but I'll be updating it regularly. ;-)

    I've not actually got one photo from Hell Night right now, cameras are kind of looked down upon as it would mean stopping training to take a photo! Haha... I will get some for my blog however.

    As for details of Hell Night, I'll put it all on my blog in the next few days bro.


  6. I hear you may be coming to hell night :P And none of us have thrown up yet! haha, I came close a couple of weeks ago though ;o

    Anyway, always enjoy reading your blog. Hope your knee is 100% soon!:D

    - Joe

  7. As if Joe, you puke every week! xD


  8. oh sik

    hell night sounds so fun but its sooo far away :( we should start one in cambs because by the looks of joe n callum last time i saw them its realy gd, oh yh so whos gona be in leicester next sunday? me, tim n zeron are for sure, yey :) my blog has been going well so far it helps a lot i think

  9. haha Blane, we all know you hold it in until you're home :P

  10. Teige6:31 PM

    Bastard, DC invited me along to Isle of Wight but it was far too short notice. Jealouuusss!

    Really glad your knee's getting better, and that you're not dead/stopped training. Your weekly routine sounds really good, I may just have to take a leaf from your blog and get my fat arse off the computer so much.

    Stay well. :)

  11. I'm all up for Sheffield Hell Nights when you start them up Jin. Blane's sound ridiculous which is always great!

  12. Alastair3:47 PM

    You know Jin, I think you forgot something...how about university!?

    Good to hear you're getting on with you're training, makes me feel bad I haven't seen you in so long.

    I'm kinda in the opposite situation, I'm more focussing on breaking and Capoeira because my joint condition in my legs means I just can't hack the impact of constant Parkour training. :'(

    I'm still keeping up with my tai chi and that's helping, but I think it's going to be a long time before I'm strong enough to get back into training.

    Keep up the training and keep in touch!


  13. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Cool to here from you. Really enojoyed the read. I've been thinking aout Uni and worried about what effect it would have on my Parkour but this has really given me some more confidence about it.

    Glad to hear about your knee. Sounds like you're on the way to a perfect recovery.

    I've got my wrist opperation in a month. Im very happy but dreading it the same. But in the long term it should be awesome :)

    Take it easy.

  14. Sup ali, mate long time no see. Sorry to hear about the knee dude, but im glad that you have invested that passion into equally positive activities so all good man, gotta hook up to train at some point in the xmas holidays or something bro,

    Hey sam, hows things, good to hear from you mate.
    Yeah I was seriously worried about uni's impact on my training, so much so i seriously considered staying in china to do a wushu degree so at least i was active as part of my course!
    But to be honest this is a degree, and as such demands a fair amount of time (like at least 30 hrs a week). But i changed my view on it. :
    1) Im fucking privileged to be able to attend uni, so many people dont get the option.
    2) Its better than a 9-5 job, at least its something you enjoy and something that will take you places.
    3) You can meet loads of people your age and do a hell of a lot at uni, so much to experience.
    4) Its a real investment in your future, your out by 22/23 yrs old and you have a lot of options and can transfer your skills about the place.
    5) Bruce lee did a philosophy degree and that is testimony enough!
    I have to turn down social events a lot, which is mostly friends going to clubs getting very drunk, which is not a direction to go in for what my personal goals are. Just have to stay focused and balance work, training, play. There are many distractions, but if you are set on your way, it wont matter
    OR you can go down the path of trying to make a living off what you do, ie) parkour, which is an extremely hard and competitive path to take. Or join a circus school and take to performance or something similar, but you have to think what you are going to be doing when you are 40/50 yrs old.

    hope that helps,

  15. That helps a lot, thanks man :)

    You are right, it’s an investment in your future, so you can have a more enjoyable and easy life. Its only 3 year out of my life and I can still train just not as much as I normally do. Afterwards I can have all the time i want to train. It’s really made me feel positive about it. I mean especially the Bruce Lee bit haha :) Plus I’m thinking about going to Derby and according to Phil.. It’s a good area and good places near as well. I'm taking a year out next year tho, to work as a freelance photographer and get a job in a studio before my degree so I will have plenty of time to train (especially with my wrist 100%, hopefully.)

    All the best,