Uni etc,

Well its my 6th day at uni, and its cool so far. Been climbing at the local bouldering wall and going to the local gym which may i add is awesome. Also met some wicked guys, just taking a bit longer to meet people who are into as much training as i like. But yeah, starting breaking again as there is a local crew here and regular practice sessions that they do so im well looking forward to that. But man does my chinese course sound hard as helL!! they expect about 40 hours of study a week!! Damn its rediculous.... But anyway, main reason i am posting is cos two days ago i did my first proper one arm chin! Just my right arm but i got right up to full flexion from dead hang so im well happy. I warmed up first by doing loads of negatives and lockouts with alternate chins before resting then trying one arms, i got to 90 degrees flexion on my left, so i gotta get that to catch up, but anyway yeah. Knee is still really really shit, not really improved, but i am writing a proper training schedule for it to get it on top form, otherwise its just random rehab here and there with nothing concrete.
Happy training everyone,


  1. Jivewire3:53 AM

    Yes B-Boy!

    My sisters in sheffield, when i visit her i'l try to hook up if thats cool?


  2. yes matey that would be wicked, i hear your down in cambridge....today actually i think? should be cool man have a good one, but yeah when i am more settled and stuff here definately come up

  3. eriweviL3:44 PM

    Cool i'll wait a few weeks then, the weather sucked so i didn't go, should be going next wednesday now (weather permitting of course)

    Good luck with the Course!


  4. I have started a blog now thanks to you :)



  5. Alastair12:00 PM

    B-b-b-b-B BOIIII!

    Hope to see you soon man, we can throw wild shapes.

  6. Nicw work on the pulls, glad you're having fun at Uni.

    I'll give you a call if we end up sheffiled way :-)

    take care


  7. Hope your knee improves soon!

  8. Nice to hear you are settling in and have found a few local things to do already. :)

    If you ever feel your knee is ready then post on NPK and someone is bound to come train. Hell, there is always plenty of scaffolding for arm work too. :)

  9. Welcome to Sheffield, mate!

    Glad you've found a gym and stuff, good luck finding one student who trains as much as you! They'll all be down the pub!

    Hope the knee gets better. It's not sounding too cool.
    Hope to see you out training before long. Give us a shout.

    Take care,


  10. I have shit knees to :(

    Gona get phsyio meself to find out whats up , have fun at universitys!

    Love from panther XD