Presses and pullups

Just a quick video showing what i am up to in the last 2 days before uni....dear me.
Well for about a year i have had a really inconsistent 1 arm pullup on my right side only, usually not getting past 90 degrees. So i thought i should work them properly on both sides so i started using the towel technique to build up and negatives. Also my handstand presses are much better, i have tuck planche press all the time, straddle lift and occassionally pike lift so i need to get to work on that more as well. The tuck planche position before the press is really quite shabby on here but i am tired from gym sesh yestarday and reps before i filmed.......excuses eh.
PS: i am spitting out a pen on the pullups lol


  1. Shit. It's so depressing reading your blog and watching your video clips. I guess I'll be working on more of this sort of stuff from now on?

    Text me if you want to train next week.



  2. Yeah I have been training these sort of things. Can't do handstands for my life but almost got v-sits. :) woot!

    I am guessing you are going to take the next couple of weeks to settle into Uni. Or are you going to be a crazy mofo and come training?

  3. cant train at the moment cos of my knee, and i havent got any shoes for parkour, ill keep in touch when i can come out though.

  4. What's the music in the background on your tuck planche press?

    Very nice strength by the way, enjoy uni.

  5. Really nice Jin, well done ! I don't do it... yet ;-)
    Keep up the training !

  6. WOW. Immense stuff. I realy gotta get stronger.

  7. conclusive proof that its *ME* who has some catching up to do :S