Sponsored Cat Crawl

Decided that I am going to do a sponsored cat crawl some time early next year for my dads charity
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    So yeah, ive started training every weekday morning at about 8ish for 30 mins before lectures around a field in front of my hall.
    Aiming to do about 3 miles for the actual crawl, not sure where, cambridge or london i think.
    Anyway, so thats something im currently training for as i was thinking of ways to help people through training.


    1. thats a cool idea, we were thinking of doing something for children in need, but if you want, we can find a way to help raise money
      (by 'we' i mean the community of lincs parkour)

    2. Teige3:36 PM

      I'm all up for joining, going to be bloody tough.

    3. wicked, we should get an actual event going on, get some proper sponsorship and support....hmm ill look into it

    4. Those early morning sessions sound good mate, I need to work on my ability to get out of bed earlier... After training, sleeping is my second favourite hobby, seriously! =)

      Good luck with this, I'll certainly sponsor you and if you do decide to organise a larger event, I'll do all I can to be there.

    5. Sounds like a good idea. Reminds me of when Dave & I crawled for about 1km around the lake In Lisses. The only reason we stopped was out of hunger, and the fact that we'd arranged to go for a pizza! Anyway, let me know when you're doing this and I'll sponsor you.

    6. realy cool idea man, i realy need to start training cat crawl for this loads until we do it. :)

    7. dude, sounds like a nice idea. you got me and blake if anything starts up. i had a long look at your dads "new foundations"
      site; would you mind if i linked to it on are blog?

      oi ps whats with jumpster (lol) helping urbanfreeflow with some project? dont want to go on about on your blog but...

    8. Hey bro, nice idea I'll sponsor you! Good Luck with the MRi scan bro! hope you get positive news :)


    9. Hey man.

      How is your knee at the minute? It's a shame you couldn't make it up to Leicester tomorrow.

      Anyway this sponsored cat crawl seems a really good idea. Get in touch with me if you want any sponsors and it's still happening.

      I hope all is well, happy new year.

      Callum from Leicester