Old passion

I used to be obsessed with art and its pretty much all i did when i was 16. Originally I was going to go to glasgow uni to do visual communication which is like graphic design and illustration, and in a way part of me wishes i did. Anyway, i was digging through some old photos of when i used to paint back in the day and it just reminded me of how much i loved drawing and painting, so i thought I would upload some of my old stuff, and maybe even add some new things, i would like to get back into it but its hard to get that mindset back, although i really think its a great skill to work on since its so expressive and you can do so much with it. Anyway, here is a link to some of my stuff which i have done over a year ago and some 2 years ago.

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    1. :D there all realy sik man! it's surprising how good they are. Your realy talented at art lol, i'm sooooooo bad

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    3. wtf is that shit ^^^

    4. mate i new you hit the tins but hell, i didnt know you where that good. saiyanclan have a art project coming up in new year maybe you would like to join in.ill let you know more if you want, happy new year dude, see you at the upcoming meeting..

    5. Hey Jin,

      haven't spoken to you in a while, cool blog btw.

      Real good to see your going to get back into painting, bit too much raw talent to let it go.

      Take it easy,


    6. Shit, I'd seen some of that stuff before but I never realised the scale. Man that stuff is huge!

      I can feel you about getting the mindset back though, even though I'm at art college, it's still really hard to keep that mindset going for so long, Especially since i've been here for 3 years and I've still got another 3 years to go!

      Hope you're good man