Crunch time.

Ok, just last night i had to make one of the biggest decisions of my life i think. My mum and dad are in Jordan for their anniversary at the moment (yes its next to iraq lol). Me and my dad got onto the list for applicants of the 2009 Marathon Des Sables a little while ago. So 3 days ago, I recieved a call from my dad who was using a payphone at a hotel, saying that 'we have to pay for the marathon on monday (today) at 10am in order to get a place'. He left the decision with me and for the past 3 days i have had a big dilema of whether i really feel capable of doing this or not, both mentally and physiologically with diabets etc. So last night i spent most of it looking through previous blogs and diaries at the experience of people who had achieved this feat, and half of me was filled with dread, but gradually i thought that i was capable of this and that i wanted to do it. That was the main reason, trying to justify WHY did i really want to do this? I guess to see IF i can, to see me own limits, and to push myself to such a degree of pain and hopefully by finishing it, i would have a new perspective on things and i would really gain something for the rest of my life from it. These are all selfish reasons, but also i would do it in aid of new foundations.
So yeah, at 10am, i have about 10 minutes until all the places for the uk are sold out (about 200) so ill be sitting there refreshing it till i have some luck (hopefully). Ill post whether my dad and I gain a place or not when i find out in a week!
UPDATE: Ok, me mat and my dad have now put the 500 pound deposit each for the waiting list for 2009. About 50 people drop out each year so hopefully we should get a place!


  1. sounds exciting. Cant't wait to find our if you 2 made it. I can't imagine how eager you must be. Good Luck


  2. Wow. Good luck, mate. Hope you all get through the waiting list and get to take part. What other training will you be doing in preparation?


  3. running with weight, running barefoot, running hills, running in very hot conditions. Thats it really, although most people who take part say its is 90% mental.
    If we dont get in the 2009 one we have priority for 2010 i think so either way its gonna happen although i would like to take part in the 2009 event.

  4. Hi Jin...just read your knee is doing fine...I wish we have doctors like that :(

    anyway Im really glad youll be ok in a year or two

    wishing you soon recovery...bye


  5. I hope you both get a place after making such a big decision. It's something I don't really know much about but from what I've heard it sounds like a serious mission. I totally understand why you would want to endure such a harsh challenge and it will no doubt impact the rest of your life and help to shape you as a person Jin.

    I'm off to wikipedia and the other similar websites to find out as much as possible about the marathon... perhaps it's something I'll look at doing some day.

    Hope you're well mate, see you soon.


  6. Good Luck Man,can't wait til you come back here for easter man, should be AWSESOME! :D

  7. good lord that sounds hard! well, train hard for it mate and good luck to your feet! (and in general)

    see you when i do


  8. Hey mate,

    Just been reading something a guy who works for Google wrote about when he did the sahara marathon, and then went on to do the North Pole marathon.

    You might want to check it out: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2007/04/racing-to-save-world.html

    See you Saturday,