Cat crawl update

Got to a benchmark in the very little crawl-specific training I have done today. Managed to do 30 minutes of solid circuits on flat concrete without any stops. My upperbody was feeling good from the shoulder conditioning i have been doing in the past and i had no problem with my abs or anything, although they were tight the whole time. The legs I think are the hardest part because they started to cramp a bit at around 25 mins, especially in the adductors and quads if fully extended. This meant i had to change technique from straight legs, to bent legs, to legs turning sideways and just alternating to stave off some nasty crampage. Felt good overall though and managed to crawl out of the car park down a flight of stairs when i had done the 30 mins without too much trouble. But when i stood up, damn did i feel dizzy, was really weird like i was floating haha, but it felt like a great relief. I didnt realise the amount of stress it puts through the knees though, as after about5 minutes walking back the patellar tendons in both knees really started to ache. Its because there is tension and force going through them the whole time and the legs dont get much range of movement so there is a lot of strain through the quads and consequently the tendon at the knee. Also pretty killer on the hamstrings and when i flexed my heel up to my ass i could really feel it was weaker.
Overall though quite happy with my progress on it. I think i could do 45 mins or maybe even an hour but it would be really hellish haha. Need to try and do this at least once a week and keep up the shoulder and core conditioning.


  1. Hey man, I completely forgot about yours n Blanes blogs since january probably because I have tried to stay away from inspiration :(

    But anyway thanks for the shout out to stay strong I think I have managed to so far and today at breakin I actually went mill - elbow airflare - mill for the first time ever and was toprocking like i used to :) been a very inspiring 2 days i tell ya man. Thanks very much for coming to my birthday and thanks for the Ipod Holder :D will use that all the time now on my bike rides!

    Anyway your one arm chins were really impressive when i saw them you have obviously been working very hard, and i cant believe you were cat crawling for 30 mins I dont think i could do 15. n good luck with the 2009 Marathon Des Sables. Also I'm so happy that you can train impact with your parkour atm that cat to arm jump was insane man you shot well far I'm sure you could crane it!

    cyu soon ;)


  2. Hey man, my back is nicely out of action for a while so I have been doing my best to try and get something out of my time. As the injury stops most forms of movement - especially weighted or fast, so I thought I'd give your crawling a real go... I had only toyed with it in the past.
    I crawled a good half mile home from the bus stop, it took me about 25 minutes to do and I stopped several times. I didn't find it too hard to do stretches of 100m or so slowly but any faster or any longer was truely gruelling. I like it, especially since it doesn't bother my back.

    Definately training I will be doing a lot more of.


  3. 30 minutes is a long time man, great work. I can imagine the feeling in the quads and knees afterwards, more so than the arms I guess. Keep up the awesome work bro. Cool little strength session we had on Saturday, always a pleasure. =)


  4. This is amazing, I hard it hard enough doing cat crawling up and down stairs, sounds lke you are making good progress, I'll come and train with you at hell night soon, thanks for the comments