A new path....

To cut a long story short, as of the last few weeks I have put my faith in the bible and Christ. I say the last few weeks because unlike what I expected, when I made a commitment to Christianity, I felt nothing revolutionary, in fact it was a huge disappointment. But I have come to realise that like in anything with life, practice and time is needed to understand things, so although I have many questions that I am struggling with, I have made a commitment to this and to search within it.
Its been a thing that I have been questioning for two years now and I feel that I need to choose whether it is the truth or not, and through many different influences and looking at different forms of evidence and views I have chosen to try and give myself to God. Like I said I still have many issues with it that i struggle with, but to keep it short, I have chosen this as my path.
I think all of us who practice parkour are looking for something in life that has meaning and is something above and beyond what the world and society offer. Parkour has brought together many of these types of people looking for something true, so I just want to say, don't let your search stop at parkour, but think about why you are here and what life is actually about and what your purpose is. Don't let yourself drift through life without considering what is above and beyond what is on offer here, because as we all know, the best things in life are free (eg parkour) and not a product that man can offer.
I wanted to just shout it out on here since it has become more than just a blog for training to me, but somewhere to say whats happening in my life in general also.

Aside from that, China is going well, start lessons next week. Will keep updates on here about what is in the works and what is going on for those interested. If anyone wants to talk at all of anything just email me,

Much love everyone, hope training is good,


  1. hey mary, hope everythings good out there, sounds like your doing fine! Missing you, and im happy that youve made a firm decision on which way to go, wish that i was at that state of mind yet. Still got a little way and more discovery to go before im able to make the decision you have. love to you. liv x

  2. check your mokdesigns@hotmail.com inbox ;-)

  3. when i found parkour, i was seaching a way too.
    good luck in china ;)

  4. You're a stronger person than I thought, and that's saying something.

    Glad everything's going well in China (actually named 'The People's Republic of China - did you know that?). Good luck for the first few weeks of lessons.

    Just back from Lisses, had a sick time. Check the blog and vid lol. (Just in case there's any more confusion - the fish was dead when I found it!! lol you'll understand when you watch it...)

    Take care mate, stay safe,


  5. Great blog Jin. I wish you all the best with your spirituality and your studies.

  6. Anonymous10:33 AM

    so proud of you!!!!
    thats ma boy!!!
    mut meister

  7. As I said, congratulations on taking such a brave step in to the dark, I hope you find what you are looking for there.

    I'll keep in touch via email pal. :-)


  8. Meldrum12:15 PM

    Very true
    keep going with the parkour and the christianity

  9. Anonymous3:41 PM

    'the truth' is just an opinion. i hope everything goes well, and you find your truth

  10. Anonymous1:02 AM

    he jin good to hear from ju i just wan't to say I wish you all the best with your spirituality and your studies.
    and hope to hear from you soon greets harm

  11. Go for it man!
    I was a Christain before I started PK but ive found it helps soo much. the exersise relaxes you and is great for meditation and prayer.
    the two go hand in hand.

    Its great to see some Christian traceurs about!
    Im not sure I me you, ive been out with SPK a few times but im not sure if you were there.
    feel free to add me on msn; paranoidandroid88@Hotmail.com


  12. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Hey hope you have a great time in china, and good stuff on making a decision on what your devoting your life too. me and jason have been talking about these kinds of things lots lately, and it is a hard choice to make!

    take care, diz

  13. Hey Bro,

    I read this post a while back but just realised I haven't commented.

    I am so happy for you that you've found something you can put your faith and heart in to. I'm stil searching and working out who I am but yeah pleased for you that you've chosen your path, or perhaps, found an opening on to it.

    Anyways, I hope China is treating you well and that you too are well. I'm doing youth work at the moment which is going well, lots of cycling and Parkour and it's training within me is playing a key role in how I help and reach out to others.

    Anyways enough talking, hope you're good, drop me a message.


  14. not much to say, but well done, must've been a tough decision to fully commit, hope your sticking with it and feeling more confident about your choice now.

    hope all is sickfaced in china peace x

  15. I'm a Christian missionary in Africa writing a book about parkour. Great to see that there are Christian traceurs out there. All the best to you. Peace.

  16. hey man, you dont know me. but i've seen you on the pawa workshop in holland. i really like what you said about that some people were looking for some meaning in this life en many traceurs stop at parkour and you said thats not it. Good you make your discipline not a religion.

    greetz, christian tracuer from holland