Until next year...

Well, today is my last full day in England for almost a year. I am actually off to China tomorrow as a sandwich year for my chinese studies degree course.
I must say, it has come round so fast. I only just got my visa yesterday, and i am completely not in the mindset that i am leaving, its just dawning on me. However i am really looking forward to it and have lots of plans for while i am out there, so i will definately be kept busy enough.
Just want to say to everyone, i am really going to miss you all, and its been a really great summer for me and just another massive thanks to all those who supported the crawl, big plans for the future with New Foundations that you will be kept posted on.
Be sure to keep checking back here for updates from China, i'll let you know whats cracking with the parkour scene and how training is out there, as well as all the travelling.

Take care everyone, see you next year,

God bless

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