Crawl Review - 11/08/07

Sorry for the lateness of this post, I havent had much time or access recently so it had to wait.
Well, on the saturday of the 11th, it was the day of the crawl. I moved it forward because more people were available to help get money out of the public, and there was more public to get money out of also.
First of all, it was probably the physically hardest thing I have done, which just shows I need to be pushing myself more everywhere else. I started at around 11:20am and finished at about 4:30pm.
I didnt manage to finish the entire 4 miles unfortunately because I was feeling extremely worn down and during the last 20 minutes began to throw up a fair amount and started to find it extremely hard to stay down and crawl from nausea and my head throbbing. I am fairly happy with the distance I did do however which was about 3.6 miles, and I did go as far as I have ever gone physically and mentally, I almost felt like crying toward the end. We managed to raise a really suprising amount of money on the day, amounting to £475.46. Overall more than £2,500 has been donated to New Foundations.
Here is a map of the route, the red line is what I crawled, and the blue line shows the last part which I didn't do:
Also, here is a short video of the day. Unfortunately my last 30 mins of agony were not captured so you cant see me in my personal hell haha.

Thanks so much to everyone who supported me and donated money. I appreciate everyone's generosity so much and am glad with the positivity which has come out of all this, thanks so much everyone.


  1. Hey Jin,

    WELL DONE!! What a fantastic acheivement. I am a bit skint right now, but will give you a little more sponsorship as we are dead proud of you!!! Me and Nafe were wondering how you had done. Sorry you had to feel so sick while doing it, so hope you have recovered now:) Will keep reading your blog from time to time - so look forward to hearing of all your news from china:) yippee!!!!!

    WELL DONE! rach and nafe x

  2. BIG congratulations man, yet again truely inspirational.

    It just shows what 5 hours of agony and exhaustion by one person, can do to help hundreds of people else where living it 24/7.

    One love.

  3. Jin Mate You are a hero!!!

    I'm so impressed by your pure strength of will. Think of all the people who will have a better life for your efforts!! You're a true warrior of the people!!


  4. Much respect from the Leicester training camp bro!

  5. Well done mate you did brilliantly!

    Sounds like you went through a bad time at the end, you must have been on a constant mental block of your body trying to stop you from continuing!

    Excellent job on fundraising.

    Have a great time in China. See you round.

    - Ben