Trace 2007

Not going to say a great deal about this except thanks very much from myself and my Dad to everyone who donated money. All in all it came to £581.76, all raised in just one evening. I'm really happy about this and extremely appreciative to you all, and there were some particularly generous donations from some people so i really want to thank all those who gave once again.
I hope the New Foundations presentation/video shed some more light on what the money is going toward, and there are some great plans for the future out there.

Regarding the actual event, it was extremely successful and i think pretty much all the credit needs to go firstly to Jason for being the one to begin all this, and also to Dave for just organizing so much and knowing the area we all enjoyed so much.

It was a really great week and I am just sad it is over so fast, it was great to spend more time with those who i feel i want to see more. I definately feel like i have a better friendship with all the Trace reps and just the people who came in general. Overall it was a really great time for meeting my friends and making new ones and I think everyone benefited in many ways from the entire experience. Definately a go-er for next year I believe. Thanks to everyone who came, who donated, and who made it what it was.


  1. Flan a.k.a Aberdeen #27:43 AM

    Not much to say, except for a BIG thank you for just doing what you do. You have been a huge inspiration for me, the Trace trip has just reinforced this.

  2. Cool post man. Was a great week. I'm just waiting for some more photos before I post my thoughts.

    Thanks to you and all the other Trace Reps for making it what it turned out to be.

    Was great seeing you again before you leave, I'm sure you'll have plenty of opportunity to keep us posted on your activity in China.

    Have an awesome year, man. See you...at Trace 08 I guess.

    Take care,


    P.S. Oh and when's your crawl? Good luck with that.

  3. Anonymous4:07 PM

    awesome and congrats with the money raised! is there going to be a full write-up on the event?

  4. WELL DONE JIN!! (and your colleagues too) from me and Nafe.

    You have a real talent, and it is nice to see it being nurtured and helping a good cause. We hope this will spur you all on to do many more similar things in future.

    We enjoy reading the exploits of you and your parkour pals:)! Keep it up guys - you are doing real good stuff out there:)

    rach and nafe x

  5. NICE one jin, you and your dad deserve alot of handshakes, I hope the future holds good things for new foundations.

    Good luck with the cat crawl too, me and a few others were fairly destroyed after doing a few laps of the pitch in edale.

    see you soon mate, train hard! peace