Crawl Update

Today I did a continuous crawl circuit which lasted 1 hr. Feel fine after as well, had no pains in the legs while crawling or anywhere for that matter. So I think if I can do 2 hrs then the 2 mile should be well within my ability. I think I am pretty close to being able to do it, its just shutting off the mind from boredom while doing it,but physically I think I am almost ready.
Finally have a date:
10th August
So if anyone is still interested in doing this with me, im going to be doing it in Cambridge. Come for it and then we can train the rest of the day around town. Maybe will do another one before also if anyone cannot make this, post if interested.
Also please sponsor me, it would be great and I love you all :)


Thanks a lot everyone, counting on the parkour community's generosity again!


  1. I love challenging myself physically and mentally, I love to test my strengths with long mind-numbing exercises. I was going to train towards doing the Leeds half marathon with another traceur from Leeds but we both picked up injuries that prevented us from the training we needed. I need a new goal of this nature and your challenge is definately worth considdering.
    In short: I am very interested.


  2. Go Jin, its your Birthday!!
    lol keep up the hard work dude, don't know how your doing it!

  3. Phily_D5:42 PM


    mission though lol, i should be up for it, still havent trained cat crawl much but i gota try and start soon if i want to do this :D

  4. ive started training about a week ago and will be awesomed if i can join in the fun
    i WILL sponsor you when i have money

    look after yourself G

  5. Hey man, you dont have to sponsor me if your doing it pal! Get donations yourself mate, forget about donating to me if you are doing it.
    You are most welcome to join me my friend, keep an update on the blog of how the training goes, :)