So while I have been in China, I have been teaching at a kindergarten twice a week just mainly to get myself out of my comfort zone to be honest. Each and every time I go I get absolutely destroyed by the kids, just because I run out of things to teach very quickly when surrounded by 30 three year old kids who would rather just go mental and run around than learn what 'brown bear' can see....
I was asked by the teachers to bring a few friends to help out at Halloween, and AFTER getting them to say yes, I told them we had to do a dance in front of the school.....haha they werent best pleased.
So we got there and then were asked 'what dance have you prepared'....clearly none since its me they are asking. So we were lead to a room, some music slapped on, and then told 'ok you have half an hour to prepare'. What ensued was the most retarded and unco-ordinated dance that has graced that kindergarten, complete with me and Tom doing a backward roll into each other.

Anyway, just thought i'd post it up because it was a funny day and we got some funny pics out of it.

This is how happy they were to do a dance...LOL

"How to scare the shite out of kids for dummies"

Preparations going swimmingly,




  1. ... your talents have no end...(!) Very funny. You look fab (and scarey) in the reaper's outfit - I think that would scare me, let alone the kids!! Happy Halloween:) Much love, Nafe and Rach x

  2. HAHA quality stuff man, boring halloween over here for me :-(

  3. PS. hey Jin - done the brave step... and decided to announce becoming a christian too:) Phew! Quite a step (fantastic too!!) Hope your spirituality is still helping you:)

    God Bless,
    Rach x

  4. lol, theres nothing like celebrating a pagan event in an atheist country....