Mercedes Performance

Just finished the performance on the 20th this month at the Beijing Auto Show for the new Mercedes GLK car. It was the first high profile performance I have done, and after my initial hesitations, I am extremely glad that I said yes to it as it proved to be extremely good fun and a great learning experience for me. I had the priviledge of working with Luke Markey, DC, Andi, Danny Ilabaca, Sebastien Foucan, and Oleg Vorslav. We had some days of rehearsals in Cologne, then they made a short movie for the event in Barcelona, and finally we all met in Beijing to have one day rehearsal and then the actual performance. At the event was Zhang Zi Yi (from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon/Memoirs of A Geisha) and also the guy who was top of the company that owned Mercedes. Loads to say but will just post a few pictures and what I learned from the whole experience.

Just want to say that it was so good to see some familiar faces after so long and has really reminded me of how much I am looking forward to seeing everyone back in the uk for the summer.

Rocking the Jacuzzi!

Minutes after the performace

Rehearsals in Cologne

Tiananmen Square, in front of the Forbidden City

Rinsing the 5* buffet at the Marriot!

On the way to rehearsals

Mr top executive and Zhang Ziyi

Lessons Learned:

- Need to follow own way and not be influenced too much by other people and ideas.
- Remain playful and childlike - dont be too serious!
- Think like an animal, not like a person 'training' a sport or activity.
- Remember to treat everyone as equal regardless of age, skill, experience, etc.
- Stay open to all movement, dont categorize.
- Maintain and develop network of positive people.
- Dont be confined by definitions, be it parkour, acrobatics.....at the end of the day I am a four limbed being who can move in any way allowed by that so dont confine it be definitions.
- Work on weak points and push comfort zone.
- Leaning much more toward calling what I do 'movement' rather than parkour. Want to be open to everything and forget definitions.

Thanks to all the guys there who inspired me individually in many ways,


  1. Recently I had my first opportunity to spend some time with some tracers from outside my country, and for the first time I could talk and learn so much from guys like Danny, Chase, Johann and Chris.. I learned a lot, not just from talking to them but from spending some time with those guys, the "atmosphere" and the spirit they're just incredible, and taught me soo much.. I've learned most of these and so many other lessons from them, that I just cant express myself on how my life, my training and my way to look at "parkour" (quoting danny: and by parkour, I mean the discipline of life) have changed.

    I'm looking forward to going to europe to train and spend some more time with all those great people I keep reading about..

    Cheers from Brazil

  2. sick ones bro, looks like a right old giggle! the 'lessons learned' thing is cool, some good ideas going on there. the first one hit home with me this week because i'm walking about the campus with no shoes and getting a barrel load of funny looks for it. but really i jsut need to get on with it, knowing that a) its for a good cause and b) i shouldn't care what other people think of me.

    i've just updated my adventure blog with plans on some walking this weekend, peep it if you get a moment :) its gonna be good!

    as always a pleasure to check out the blog and see what you're up to. see ya!

  3. Wot up, Jin?

    It sounds great, bro..
    can't wait to see the vids of it..

    The things you said 'bout definitions fits my late ideas completely.. I found myself nowadays doing movements in general, not only parkour.. though, i'm not spinning around yet. :p

    Take care..
    Cheers from Brasil.

    Bruno Rachacuca

  4. duuuuuude. some of these pics are absolute killers!


    What a great time and I'm glad we got the chance.

    even happier you said yes to join us.

    let this not be the last one for many years again!!!!! ;-)

  5. Awesome mate.

    What's the performance for? Advertising or something?

    I was deeply inspired by your "lessons learned" and shared it with the guys on NP: http://www.northernparkour.com/index.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=36337

    Talk soon matey. See you at Trace!


  6. Sounds like a great experience, will there be any video footage of the performance?

  7. haha! pics are funny, seb looks a little lost in some of them though :D

    would of liked more to read although...

    'Dont be confined by definitions, be it parkour, acrobatics.....at the end of the day I am a four limbed being who can move in any way allowed by that so dont confine it be definitions.'

    is very true, glad to hear you had a good time :)

  8. wow Dc..thats really inspiring

    I like all the things that you learned it really opens up a whole new perspective on PARKOUR..
    its more true and personal to each person this way!