2 Years and counting

Just realised that more than 2 years has gone by since I started the blog, and since it was here for me to look back on and see the changes, I thought I would write a small list of certain changes that stick out in my head, although there are so many more.

- Become a Christian, regardless of the constant struggles I have with it.

- Not letting what I practice define me, but rather using it as a tool in life for positivity.

- Opening myself up to all people and experiences, not just through parkour/movement.

- Discovering that I love China, learning Chinese, and can imagine spending much time here.

- Beginning to realise that health, like money, comes and goes, so is not the ultimate goal.

- Trying to think outside of my own selfish self more instead of being self-absorbed.

- My belief to not follow the norm because everyone else does or says you should has become stronger as time goes.

- Although time by yourself is important, time with others is usually what produces the best memories.

- Learning more and more that I know less and less, and that I am much lamer than I once thought.

- Learning that love and sharing positivity with people is extremely important, and trying to learn how to better do so.

- Trying to not get caught up in the small things such as worrying about my training, but doing it for enjoyment and positive benefit and keeping that in perspective.

- Trying to learn how to not keep thinking just around the corner, but about the current day and time so I don't miss out on life.

- Not striving for a particular image of myself, but just walking in the right direction and trying to accept if things go wrong or take a bad turn.

- Don't take myself or others too seriously.

- Realizing how much I love my family and friends.

- Trying to live more simply and enjoy the things that aren't made people.

- Keeping in perspective that no matter how strong or skilled I get, I am still going to lose it all eventually.

- Sheer perseverance can achieve almost anything.

- Learning that I still have a bazillion things to learn and still loads in my head I can't put down right now.


  1. like the reflection. I realise a lot of these items are pretty much things I have learned in last few years too.... a great list. May it continue to thrive (and by the way, I hear in talking with other christians that a constant struggle is all part of the faith.... it's never a "walk in the park", but the best things in life never are....) Does this mean you will be going back to China again pretty soon?...(and, therefore, lots more travels to journal - yey!)... bless, rach :-)

  2. Some pretty deep self-searching going down in this post, I dig.

  3. It's funny you mention these sort of "revelations" about yourself. Since my trip in asia i've been going through the same type of thinking. It's good to feel on the right tracks.
    Life can be so simple if we get rid of all the useless things...

    I hear you'll be back soon in the uk, it'll be great to see you again and share our experiences.

    Take care !

  4. Great thoughts Jin, it is refreshing to hear a younger man say such wise words.

    May this summer be good to you bro!