jellytots and bananas

First, thanks everyone for all the comments, want to meet up with bobby, brad and others since its been too long. Really like seeing how other people are doing so thanks for comments and your views, love ya's all,

Just have to give a shout and bigupsness to chase and the 3run guys for the video they just released at www.3inspiration.com
These guys have been constantly on the grind and are elevating their stuff in terms of skills and professionalism so much support to them! Loved the video,

Been back at Uni for 3 weeks, really enjoying my course and has got past the point of fearing deadlines or doing work because after being in China, I really enjoy it all and actually find the economic policies of china post Mao-era pretty interesting, although i couldn't tell you what it is! So just staying on the grind with doing me translation tings and reading etc,

Very much enjoying training at the moment. In practical terms, I am running quite a bit in preparation for the Libyan Challenge next march, bouldering indoors, some calisthenics, lifting couple times a weak just deadlifts and a few basic exercises, and aside from that some basic movement training. Booked in for the PKGEN Rendezvous 3, of which I have a feeling I am going to get destroyed at. Still training parkour, but not with the striving that I used to have, just in terms of enjoyment and enabling myself to move, adapt, and play. So basically I am training without any underlying motive, just for the sake of doing it with no stress, which is awesome.

Also if anyone doesnt keep a training diary, I really suggest you do. I have one that I have kept since 2 years ago and its really great looking back and seeing how mindsets, priorities and methods adapt and change over time.

Been doing a homeless outreach every saturday evening as well with guys from my church here, which has been really good for me. Has really blown a lot of my preconceptions away, like meeting a homeless guy who graduated from the same uni as me with a degree in geology. We basically go into town with food and hot drinks and chill with them for a couple of hours, just being there to give food and chatting to them. Quite a few regular faces which is wicked since you get to know a few of them better. We all meet them near the main bar strip, so you can feel the counter-cultural nature of it when students and such are going past dressed up and going out clubbing or whatever.

Meanwhile, here is some torch bombing:


  1. Like the torchstuff and the van you sprayed! if you have some new artworks you have to blog them from time to time!
    and i would love to see a new video of how you aproach your training right now!

  2. I love the MANGO one!

    Great to hear from you mate. Glad you're enjoying things and that they're running smoothly for you. How's Sheffield?

    Drop me a message or something - I haven't spoken to you since Trace!

    Take care and stay fresh.


  3. http://parkourbrad.blogspot.com/2008/10/24th-october-08-changing-winds.html

    doney done done

  4. yo yo,

    i think i'm developing a sixth sense for knowing that your blog has been updated. sweet!

    i was a bit shocked by your last post re: training but having read this post i think i understand a bit more where you're coming from. its good to hear about your training plans - as always your consistent training is an inspiration.

    last week i joined the local gym. its pretty sweet, loads of free weights and machines, a couple of boxing areas, a good atmosphere. its been so long since i have really doing any sort of physical training, and man does it feel good to do it again! there isn't another feeling that matches the feeling I get from training. banging out a few sets of dips or chins just feels so good! i'm hitting the pretty hard at the moment, trying to gain a bit of mass and get strong too. i'm hoping to get muscle ups early next year which I can't wait for cos they are clearly a badass move!

    anyways, i've rambled on enough. good to hear tings are going well. maybe have to hook up at xmas time :) see ya!


  5. duuude. looking forward to seeing you at rendezvous 3. i feel like i want every one to know my thoughts so that they can fill in hte missing pieces and then i will understand lol. its cool how your doing good things with your self. i need to get out more or just break the pattern of my life. maybe walk to japan hmmmm


  6. yea man, i'm just about finishing up a post about my experience with the nanjing group last weekend when i visited. I think they're a great bunch. Ayong even housed me at his apartment for the weekend.

    the scenes here are very different as you know. but i'll get into all of it in my next post. i expect to be back in china sometime, don't know when next though. ill be here until mid december, then back to canada.

    i've trained with shanghai, nanjing, and one guy from wuhan for only a day unfortunately.