Libyan Challenge

Ok, me and my dad are booked on this Libyan Challenge now, and in order to make it truly worthwhile we need some donations. Its on the 22nd of February (a month from now).

Short blurb:
190km foot race in 75hrs, everything carried on the back except water which is stationed about every 25km. Sleeping in the desert, temperatures very low at night and up to 40c in the day.

Half proceeds to New Foundations, half to Juvenile Diabetes.


SPONSOR ONLINE HERE (Its very secure and takes 2 minutes)

On a side note, am pursuing the possibility of returning to China after summer to finish my degree out there, but thats a side story.
Slap bang in exams right now, so training has taken a serious back seat, as has most things. Last exam on the 27th, then can train properly for the Libya run.

Ankles were feeling shot after a 23km run in december, so have stopped running until the actual event. Instead just going to do long endurance sessions with general movement using simple things like climbups and jogs etc.

Hope everyone is well, dunno if anyone is really reading this anymore haha, all good!
much love,



  1. Hey mate,

    Best of luck in your exams, and of course the HUGE challenge you've undertaken!

    Can't wait to read about it when you get back.

    Keep me posted - drop me a message.

    I'll be thinking about you that day.


  2. Hey mate, thanks for the comment. I replied over on mine: http://www.bennuttall.com/blog/2009/01/happy-new-year-2009.html