A Peak District Beasting

Me and my Dad went for a final training session before the (now 200km) Libyan Challenge whixh takes place in about 10 days.

We decided to go for a trek through the Peak District starting at 9:20pm doing a loop back to my house in Sheffield.

Some Stats and things:

Total Distance
: 54 miles
Total Time: 22 hours
Total time awake: 37 hours
Temperature: Below freezing (our liquids all froze to blocks of ice)
Total time not walking: 2 hours altogether for eating
Highlight: Perhaps seeing sheep being herded by a sheep dog and its owner
Low point: Realising the final push was another 6 hours when we thought it would be 3.
Physical effects: Blisters, nausea, unstable knee joints, a few hallucinations, untold joy ;)

2:00am zub zero temp steez.

Please support the Libyan Challenge if you haven't already and can/would like to,
I hope everyone is good, keep in touch

Big Loves,


  1. Big loves brother in Christ- sounds fab; I feel inspired, sounds amazing. Would love to do... !! But, sounds seriously hard - so be careful.... stay safe and may you do this Libya challenge with "all the strength in Christ"; I will pray for u guys!! Peace:-) rj

  2. Awesome stuff mate!!!!

    Best of luck for these last few days (and of course the run itself).

    No more to say - just give it your all! Can't wait to hear about it afterwards.