Arbitrary life update:

Been putting off writing anything for a while, mainly because not much has happened which is worth writing about after Libya to be honest. Be that as it may, I feel that 2 months without writing anything is pretty poor form on my part, regardless of how few people are interested anyway.

At the moment I am in my last few weeks of term for my 3rd and penultimate year of university, so predictably I am just pushing through with essays, revision, and keeping on top of other bits and bobs before finishing up for the academic year. So in terms of that, the work is going ok and I am keeping on top of the Chinese in general, viewing it as a real investment for the future which I envisage will be predominantely in China.

In terms of training, its been a bit of everything to be honest. I have been climbing quite a lot during my time in sheffield, pretty much exclusively in an indoor bouldering wall down the round from me, much to my shame when the Peak district is just an 8 mile bike ride away. I am just poor at planning for a whole day of something!
So my climbing has been going ok and steadily improving I feel, and also parkour/movement is going ok. I have been a bit of a lone ranger with training after my time in China. I just got used to training almost exclusively by myself and still seem to enjoy it more than with other people, which is something that I need to work on before I become a complete recluse I think.
Been trying to work on slightly more extroverted movements rather than just retreating into drilling precisions and simple movements, so I have been trying to push out a wee bit and do things a little more challenging, albeit still simple stuff overall.
Strength training is good and fun. I have stopped doing certain reps and sets and rest times with things and instead go out to find a playground for example, and concentrate on perhaps doing 40 minutes of dynamic pulling movements in a very free way, just doing any and all kinds of movements I can think of just using the arms for pulling muscles.
Routine kind of looks like this:

MON: Pulling (dynamic), movement, drills
TUE: Squats, deadlifts, climbing/resting/running
WED: Pushing, movement, drills
THUR: Squats, deadlifts, climbing/resting/running
FRI: Pulling (max strength), movements, drills
SAT: Pushing, running/movement/climbing/whatever
SUN: running/climbing/movement/resting

Admittedly, I miss the occassional session at the moment when I am trying to smash a deadline or if life in general gets in the way, but thats what I aim for each week at the moment.

Plan for summer:
20 - 29th June = Nigeria.
Making a bamboo playground for the kids in a village, going out with dad and 3 others, should be full on hectic steez!
20 - 29th July = Iran.
Family holiday to Iran!
5th August - 18th September = CHINA.
Going to see the lady in Shanghai (will have been 6 months) and do something productive. Definately want to hook up with as many people as possible for training and chilling, so anyone in the oriental area, get in touch!

Site of the moment: Always Be Ready

live long and prosper!


  1. Hey bro', Still like reading! Although admit, your training schedule makes me feel shattered just reading it! Wow! Sounds like you're going to have a cool time in Nigeria and, have fun in China too with the lady. Have awesome times! Peace to you:-) Rach

  2. Man it's great to be able to read this to catch up on what you've been up to.

    I didn't realise this was your final year - I thought your course was 3 years in England and a year in China. What are your immediate plans upon return to England in September? Staying in Sheff / going back to Cambridge? Getting a job / chilling out? Ha

    Nigeria sounds amazing! I'd love to do something like that - will have to look into it for next year. Are you doing it through New Foundations?

    Didn't know your ladyfriend actually lived in China!

    Climbing's good to be into, it's all about challenges. As you said, things are seasonal and they're awesome to get back in to.

    Had an awesome day in Sheff today, about 8 hours of training and all sorts of bizarre conversations.

    Hope to catch you around soon mate - will be great to catch up. I'll text you.

    Best wishes,


  3. mate, its been too long! still, better late than never. as always i appreciate the insight into your training because its good to see how other people do things and see what can be learned from them.

    i've been trying to train every day in some may, mainly just fitness stuff with no particular use in mind. check out petestraining.blogspot.com for my train stuffs!


  4. Thanks for the "Always be Ready" link - I checked it out, very interesting. Cheers bro!

  5. Cheers for the update! I check in every couple of weeks to see what's new with Jin ;-) Even though your life may seem quite mundane to you, it's still very inspiring.

    Another good apologetics website is www.carm.org I haven't been on lately but I hear its grown quite large and has heaps of useful resources.

    Keep on keeping on bro!

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