Ghosts in the streets...

Me and owen went out at 2am to train in the centre of town this morning. We ended up finishing at about 4:30, just as the sun was coming up. Most of the training was balance, small jumps, climbing and tree work. In the tree, it was pitch black, so we had to move by feeling our way around. When we first got into town, there were still a few drunks lurking about, but by 3am they had almost cleared up, leaving the town deserted.
We took photos, and filmed on owen's video phone, we didnt want the hassle of taking a proper videocamera in. We did a few new things, which was nice. You see more things when the place is deserted, probably because there is no one to distract you from training such as public/security. Very nice and surreal time to be out at, especially at this time of year when there is actuall daylight coming through, but no one around.
Got home at about 5am and went to bed at 7, getting up at 12 to upload this. Didn't feel too bad at all which is good.
Me and owen decided to make this a weekly/bi-weekly thing, and about 3 times a week of training from 6am. Training just during the day isn't really sufficient i dont think, you need to be able to adapt and training at various different times helps this.
I must add to anyone who wants to do this, that I phoned the local police station to notify them of us before we went out so i obtained a reference number and recorded the call, had we been burglary suspects or something. We did have a couple of town cameras actually follow us about, just keeping an eye, as i had told them the clothes we would be wearing, so it kept us in the clear should something have happened.
ps> song is Futureghost by Braintrax


  1. Livewire11:14 PM

    Dope, such a wikid ikea aswell, if only i had someone to train with :(

    great quality cam aswell!


  2. Very nice idea!
    (Seen the link on parkour.net)

    My sister goes to Cambridge so I might get a chance to do some parkour the next time I visit.

    Anyway! Great video! It looked like a lot of fun, and phoning the police in advance was definitely a good idea.

    Gyro (off parkour-ireland.com)

  3. alastair8:39 AM

    We'll have to do that when I come up to Cambs, I'm well up for not getting any sleep!

  4. Nice one , me and two others done the same thing on monday ( to tuesday lol)

    11 PM to 6 am .

    was fucked when I got home though

    I'm glad theres others who dont thinks its crazy to train in all enviorments .

    Oh also I notice your muscle ups are even faster from when I trained with you .

    You guys are gona have to come to Harlow some time to train , it dosnt have all that scaffolding stuff , but we have a hella alot of trees / roofs / rails / walls and gernally lots of other crap to train on!

    keep up the good work .

  5. cool stuff guys, im gonna try this with my mate sam
    check my blog cos ill write it up