10km London Run 2006

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  • Owen, liv, my dad, some friends and I did the London 10k today. First of neither owen liv or i have trained for this at all in any way, so we are happy we did it without much problem.
    There were about 30,000 participants today, which made the run really packed. Throughout the whole day people were at least a metre within each other, which was suprisingly ok, it was enough to keep your own pace. There were some serious mentalists, like guys running in full army gear with backpack etc, and people running in massive costumes like disney ones etc, caught a guy with the head of his costume out leaning under a bridge sweating SO much. It was about 30 degrees which did make it a bit harder, sweating a LOT.
    Overall it was a really good day, and the atmosphere was amazing, with everyone cheering each other on etc, so it was a cool day. The money was raised for my parent's charity (www.newfoundationsuk.com)
    We JUST managed to pull off a back somi within about 10 mins of finishing the run.

    Bodyfat % : 5.1 (measured by the lucozade people there)

    The kool kolour kids after at home


    1. looking really ghetto guys. XD


      those back summy's were nice even after 10k

      i hate you lol