I am owned.

Last night after watching UF3 (freaking good by the way), me and jason (sinclan) felt very inspired by it. The main thing was the repetition aspect, and since jason is round mine for a couple of months, we are both working on getting hench. So today we set ourselves some goals, which took the day to complete amongst other trainings, all in all about 8 hrs. Here are the days accomplishments:

Jason: 510 pullups
Jin: 250 muscle ups/planche, 100 pullups

It was as such where we first spent about 1 hour doing sets of 5 or so reps with about 1 min rest, the occasional 5 min break, i got the muscle ups to 150, jason got the pullups to 250. We then trained balance and precisions for about 5 hours or so, then came back to complete the task in the next sitting, which was about 1.5 hours.
So now we are fairly owned....


  1. Tegfaced10:06 PM

    Nice one you beasty boys.

  2. Really nice !
    Keep up the training !

  3. Timmy Tim Livewire3:11 AM

    True dedication!

  4. Yeh I just got round to watching UF3, it's pretty damn inspiring isn't it? I love that quote lol:

    "David says to me, if you're not happy, you're tired, i can buy you a croissant..." - LOL

    What I learned from training to be a kayaking coach, it's helpful to ask people to do 10 of something to get the hang of it, and usually say to do 10 on one side, 10 on the other. I think i should implement this element of learning and retaining new skills into my parkour training.

  5. Sticky10:32 PM

    You are heading in the right direction.