Peak District trip

Was away in the peaks from last thursday till today with mike, jason, liv and my bro. Ok, so we arrived after a 5 hour coach journey to be greeted by will and ben of SPK. Burdened by camping gear, we made our way to the first spot where we were introduced to the others such as danny. The rest of the day we were taken around some of the spots by the guys, and im happy to say that i made a good choice by picking sheffield for my university :)
The spots are reallllly sick, we all trained from about 1ish till 7 or so before heading off to the campsite. We caught the train to a village in the peaks and walked a half hour to the site where we pitched up for the night. The leeds guys scott and MART arrived and it was cool to meet them. The next day we all walked to one of my favourite places i have ever seen, a spot with rock formations EVERWHERE. we found natural cat pass precisions, arm jumps etc, but the BEST thing was just running through the rocks like an obastcle course with speed. We then hiked a bit further to a really sublime place, a stream with rocks everywhere, dripping with oriental atmosphere and excellent weather to further the blessing, it really was an amazing place.
Anywa, check the photos im too lazy to write, big thanks to everyone, and it was great to meet new and old friends again, and im very happy with the sheffield scene so i cant wait to start training regularly there!
Natural cat pass to precision

arm jump

arm jump again

Handstand on a rock peak

much peoples do many trainings

Traceurs dominating the path

The stream with rocks.....absolutely amazing, especially when jason lit up some insence 8)

soooo NICE!


doesnt get much more ideal than this....


  1. Scott McQuade9:16 PM

    Hey, nice write up on the trip, shame you guys never had chance to check Manchester out, it has some sick spots - as we found out on Sun
    Keep up the amazing work man,

    Oh and it's Mart, not Steve;)

  2. Hey nice one mate,

    Glad you enjoyed the weekend, and glad you're impressed with your new city lol. It'll be great to train with you regularly in Sheffield.

    The pictures are immense. The Peak District has such great opportunities, as we all took advantage of on Friday.

  3. Looks really good. Some really nice pictures you got there. Keep up the hard work.


  4. Some sick places you got there.
    Anyway i really liked your pics.
    Adio from Necro from Croatia