Change of Direction

Ok so its 5pm and i have just finshed training for the day. Meanwhile a bunch of my friends are in Lisses, which should be really cool with the people who are there, im looking forward to see the pics and video footage when they get back. Bit gutted i'm not with them, but I had the privilige of training there last year, and I am keeping myself busy anyway.
With the knee, definately getting much better, doing rehab everyday and going to the gym to strengthen the legs. BUT, I have developed what i think to be Osgood Schlatters in the course of half a day, which has really put me out of any impact what so ever, it twinges going up and down 2 feet, so i am really resting that, pretty pissed about it because thats two knee injurys, fractured tibia and strained ligaments all on the same leg, whilst the left is so damn good. Well what can you do but work with what you have, so I am trying to get much stronger legs and body, but now, also really trying to get my cardiovascular fitness a lot higher.
Marathon Des Sables.

Something which has really caught my imagination (before i saw jack osbourne try it) to do is an extreme endurance foot race called the "Marathon des Sables". This is a marathon in the Sahara desert in the summer which lasts 6 days, totalling 240 km, or 5.5 marathons. Its meant to be "the toughest foot race on earth" with temperatures reaching 60 degrees c. Thats rediculous. Most people who do it have toe nails drop off, wrecked feet with bad blisters and some people have even died doing it.

A lot of people have to be put on drips from dehydration. Throughout the whole race you must carry your own food, water, sleeping bag and supplies. So thats about 10kg on top of the sand dunes, heat and sand storms. Anyway, I thought it would be amazing for me if i did it, and i would really love to, and being diabetic would make it all a better achievement for me, but also much harder. 2007/2008 are all full, so i will either try and enter 2009 or 2010. Would also like to try an Iron man trialthlon at some point, probably before im guessing but yeah, thats what im thinking about at the moment.

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  • But thats a good while off, so i am concentrating on getting strong legs and a decent level of fitness.
    Training at the moment is such:

    Monday, Friday: Leg rehab, lower body, cardio
    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: Stretching, Leg rehab, Upper body, core
    Wednesday: Leg rehab, lower body, cardio, basic gymnastic
    Sunday: Leg rehab, Basic gymnastic

    Eg) Today I Rowed 3km, cycled 20km, swam 2k and did leg press, leg extension/curl/adduction/abduction, glutes on resistance machines, and leg rehabilitation exercises.
    So thats my direction at the moment, I have had to put parkour on the side for a while, but the strengthening exercises i used to do im still practicing regularly each week such as muscle ups, balance, dips etc.


    1. Good on you for going in for the Sahara Marathon. It really is extreme, and with carrying all you need...jeez. Nothing like what you'll have done before!!

      Sorry to hear you had to drop out of the Lisses trip. Did you manage to get your ticket to someone else?

      I've been hearing from Will in Lisses this week and Paul even phoned me to tell me they'd be meeting up to train with David and Sebastien! I really wish I could have gone with them. Defintely next year though, eh.

    2. Hi Jin, hope you're alright mate, miss training with you... perhaps when you move to Sheffield for uni we can hook up more.

      Gutted to hear about your knee - your being soooo sensible about it though, heal up and strengthen the rest of your armour whilst that part repairs. In the end you'll be better off and you'll have a full suit of Adamantium body parts!

      Keep in touch bro.


    3. Owen Bain10:15 PM

      Dude, thats hardcore. You are gonna have to train like a beast, running on sand is hard enough let alone in the desert and with that heat!
      Sorry to hear about your injuries. I've managed to tear my rib cartlidge, apparantly, hurts even doing chin ups :S

      Hope you get your fitness back soon.

    4. Dude! Long time no see man!

      Take a look to the last videos...the others are crap, so don't even bother..just watch this one that is "half-crap":


      Take care, man!

    5. lol hey man i watched the other videos they are really funny haha. Drop me an email man, i havent heard from you for ages!

    6. NG joe8:52 PM

      that maarathon looks like a BEAST, dayam wish i was in lisses training with david and seb AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH
      anyway i wish u the best for ur recovery and much good parkour ahead see u wen i see u playaaaaaa

    7. Anonymous11:15 AM

      Jin I am one of your worldwide fans, all the way from Vancouver. Your one of my idols in parkour, and I think your a true athlete. keep it up!

    8. Wivelier1:31 AM

      Good luck with that bro! Best wishes on the injuries aswell, god speed tya!