Knee problem

I have for a while had a very slight niggling of my right knee which i have always suspected to be mild jumpers knee. However, after the 10k it worsened somewhat and for the past month i have been doing very very little impact training and more conditioning and balance, but after thinking it felt better, decided to do more technique practice and go to the gym to train flips. The next day it hurt a bit, and I decided enough is enough, even if its not THAT painful its obviously not good for me, so I went to a physiotherapist the next day to get it checked out, and BOY do i have more crap than i thought wrong with my leg. So after the fracture in china, I have apparently weakened all the ligaments, and something which is new to me, is that even the freakin ACL is damaged slightly! So she said there is more 'joint play' (the knee can move around more than it should) because the ligaments are not keeping it fixed in place, unlike my other knee which i love so much, i wanna clone it and get rid of the right one! But yeah, so those will never heal being ligaments and that they have little or no blood supply, so im stuck with slightly dodgy ligaments. Okay, and on top of that, I overpronate (which i already new), and that turns the knee in slightly, my right glute is weaker than the other and my right ankle is slightly more inflexible which also turns the knee in! I was pretty suprised to hear all this, you think your in ok shape then you get told this, but she says its only because of the nature of what we do, if i was an average person it wouldnt matter at all. So, she a bunch of glute exercises to do, some ankle stretching and said basically i gotta just get strong legs to compensate for the ligament damage. So now i am at the gym every two days, and doing the exercises every day, along with balance and a lot of general conditioning. Im training just as hard, but i have just shifted the angle of how i train, so there is a lot of low impact and a lot of strengthening over the next few months. So yeah, in about 3/4 weeks im gonna go back and we will see what she has to say then.
At the moment i am at risk of osteo-arthritis if i dont get on top of the problem, so please this just shows how fragile our bodies really are in this activity and everyone must keep themselves very strong and do a LOT of basic work! Look after your bodies everyone!


  1. Woah that's a bit of a scary suprise, really sorry to hear it man. I'm sure you'll be able to get on top of it though, just don't lose sight of what you've got to do.

    Heal up, and much luck sir.

  2. thanks matey, yep just gonna mission it to get it fully done and recovered, gotta hold back from a lot though lol!

  3. I'm with teg mate, really quite a shock to hear it. But just keep your focus, keep pushing prove them wrong!

    What was the last point that you decided to get your knee checked? Ive always had "creaky" knees, no pain though... heh you got me worried.

    All the best, im sure you'll be fine!


  4. Damn makes me want to check in to see if my knees are okay or not, my right one often has a slight pain that stops me from running downhill after a full day of training. was yours anything similiar?

  5. UNLUCK SON thats baaad
    dayam well yeah just + 1 on teggy and bradman

  6. You've always been an example of strength for me, and others, it's really a surprise to know that, hope everything gets ok soon.

    my best...

  7. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Its so gay for you :( But knowing you youll get onto of it in no time. Im really scared for my knees, cause you know how bad theyve been recently. Anyways just have to wait and see what your physio says.

    - Liv

  8. Anonymous11:46 PM

    Im sorry to hear it, like so many other things let it be your obstiacle Jin, you will overcome it

    - Justin

  9. sorry to hear that bro,i wish u all the best
    hope you get over it!