Crawl Update: 4 mile

Me and Dave just finished doing a two hour crawl through sheffield which was about 2 miles today.
Our hands were fairly trashed by grit and glass at the end with a few blisters swelling up and skin missing, but it was done and we were happy we did it.
In light of this, and the promise of more donations, I am going to crawl 4 miles instead of 2 on the 10th of august. Main things i need to concentrate on is getting leather hands and just keeping on training for the next 3 months,
cheers for the donations those who have donated already, everyone has shown huge generosity and compassion by the amount raised in just FOUR days. So thanks everyone,
take care,


  1. Dude! 4 miles, you Beast! I'm shocked, thats like a mini marathon! Always pushing the limits, I'm really impressed!


  2. Oops just deleted everyones comments :/
    Callum: Yeah mate, was good if a little brief, i heard you were on a mission to do 50 one arm arm jumps though... :) nice stuff there,
    Would be cool for you to come down and train definately, sorry dont use msn, really should occassionaly but no computer in my room at uni,

    Spence: Thanks pal, thats much more crazy running the london marathon, much more training to put in for that so nice one! Maybe in the future ill trip you up doing it when im on all fours lol

    Yves: lol thanks, well the training is with a weight vest so who knows haha

  3. Wicked mate. Yeah 50 one arm arm jumps. I never did it today, but might do it next week or the week after (25 on each arm).

    I'll sponsor you soon and am well up for coming down on the day.

    Are you going to London next Sunday?

  4. Cool man,
    and yeah i should be there, sending money off today, already booked train tickets so i hope i get a place!
    take care

  5. Good luck with all your training; well done so far!

  6. This is intense man! Good to train with at the weekend in Leicester. See you on Sunday if you're in London!


  7. thanks a lot rach, hope yours is going well too, ill see you in london!

  8. No worries, julian; me & nathan look forward to meeting you:)...and seeing some cat crawling in action!

  9. Hey you don't know me but I just want to say props man. A friend and I did just one mile today and that was tough enough, what you are doing is insane. Good luck man!

    Just curious, Were you on concrete the whole time?

  10. Hey Jereme, nice one on the one mile! The distance gets cranked up pretty fast with crawling, fast gains i think with it.
    Yeah it was on concrete, which was arguably the hardest part as it left our hands a little scuffed up.
    Hope your training is going well and thanks for the comment,