Quite funny,

Forgot to post this a couple of weeks back, better late than never.
Its a tiny bbc interview when me and dave accidently crawled past the station then got later contacted to do a small interview, gets cut short of about 5 minutes though:



  1. Hey Jin, absolutely wicked new design of your blog! Really like it. Like the radio interview too...quite funny:) Hope your hands are tougthening up...learning guitar is painful enough, and that only requires building up leathery fingertips, not whole hands like the cat crawl!!!

  2. Was great listening to that, as you know I heard it live lol, glad you put it on the NF site and your blog for everyone else to see!

    "quite a lot of comments about us being dogs and going "woof woof" and stuff like that..."


    Keep going mate, good luck with the fundraising!


  3. You thought about contacting anymore local media, they might be interested and it helps spread the word and raise more money

  4. Alright,

    Ben: Cheers man, I really cocked up the very end of the interview when he basically wrapped it up and said bye, but there were loads of cars at that point so i couldnt hear him then i said 'sorry?' and he looked pissed off and had to repeat himself lol. And where are the updates for your blog man! Its been aaaaages! lol, i keep checking and its the same 2 month old post, PULL YOUR SOCKS UP!
    Hopefully see you soon, havent trained with you lot for time now,

    Owen, yeah i reckon i will contact BBC cambridgeshire when i get back, 5th june! And we need to talk when i return as well about netherlands cos we leave on thursday!

  5. I agree with Owen....go Jin, definitely contact BBC Cambridgeshire, Cambridge news, whoever else. I am going to try and stir some interest in students from my department too....:)! You need to meet Nafe (my boyfriend too)...he's very interested in Parkour, has done gymnastics, etc...

    Best Wishes !!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous12:35 AM

    haha thats so funny man. your prety good at interviews too :D :P

  7. Anonymous7:06 PM

    haha thats so funny man. i just found your site nice hope 2 see you again in holland greets from holland Drunk Monk (Harm Poelman)

  8. Hey Jin,

    I've been spending a lot of my time preparing for my exams, and hardly any on the internet (what a lie!), and I could reassure you by saying I've been spending all my revision-free time doing pure conditioning and bulking myself up but that would be bullshit lol, nah I have been revising hard but not been doing much parkour, exams are over now so I've been back into training big time, enjoying it so much.

    Man, I'm so glad you've been checking my blog - gutted that there's been NOTHING to read. I posted something new on there the other week but just about why I've been neglecting it (revision for exams, discovering facebook, not doing much else...) and I mentioned my intentions to organise a group to take a trip to Lisses, and the plans are coming together more now. It's looking like me, Scott Mcquade (Leeds), Sam Corbett (Stoke), Lukos (Sheff/Mancs) and maybe Dave (Sheff). We're going for a week at the end of August. Can't fooking wait! My first time!

    Did you hear about Shane's brother? If not, check Shane's blog and NP.

    I guess I'll see you at the Trace gathering (can't fooking wait!) and probably not again until about...September 2008 (when I'll be starting uni so probably not even then...I have no idea when I'll see you after that! - You have to come visit Sheffield when you have chance.)

    I'll keep checking your blog. Keep checking mine, I promise I'll update it more! lol

    If you come to Sheffield some time, I advise you bring a small boat to get from place to place...it's pretty rivery everywhere atm...

    See you at TRACE, bitch.

    Ben xD

  9. My contact at the Sheffield Star said he tried to ring you but didn't get through, and thought that if you'd moved back to Cambridge you probably wouldn't be interested. Guess it's irrelevant now, upto you though.