Pawa Netherlands

On the 7th of June Owen and myself flew to Holland to teach at a Pawa workshop on the invitation of Philip (Chaos), a PAWA representative of Netherlands recognizable by his latest video, 'seamless transitions'. We stayed at his house enjoying the immense hospitality of him and his parents till the monday when we flew back.
The PAWA workshop was held on Saturday with around 160 people in attendance out of the 220 that had signed for it, but the weather forecast scared many away. Along with Owen, me and the Dutch instructors were 7 of the French including Karim, Ramon, Kazuma and Bruno. Seb Goudot had a family birthday to attend :).

We were given around 20 people each to lead in groups with the French staying at certain spots to teach as well, while we walked (or ran) our group from spot to spot. The language barrier for some of the French made it hard for them to teach, but it wasn't so bad. Kazuma lead the warm up outside and there were 8 spots, all outside except one in the gym. Philip managed to get permission from police and shop keepers to let this happen.
I think a lot of people were a bit surprised when they discovered that there would not be as much playing as they thought and most would be drills and strength work. At the beginning with my group there was some reluctance ut people got more involved later on, a few much more than others. I liked at the end when Karim, one of the original traceurs with David and Sebastien commented that if it was real training, they would not be walking out like they were, ie) without pain.
I think my group were pushed and I hope they enjoyed the training and took something from it, I really enjoyed teaching them.
Thanks a lot to Philip and his parents, and I hope to see you, Brian and Marvin in the UK soon.

Chilling in the sitting room watching 'Urban Style' lol

Hitting Amsterdam after the workshop at 1am

Some of the people who attended (a bunch had left before the shot)

Some of the French guys after the workshop

Karim working the powerball

BBQ after the workshop at Philip's house.....SO much food was amazing :-)

Holland instructors

Just gathering for Kazuma's warmup

On the way to Lunch

Instructor's lunch yummy

Naked crew....:/

Playing on the park the day before the workshop

FATTY....nah me and owen didnt have chips....no way :S

Towel whippage

Final logistics

People pouring in and owen looking very 'with it'

Me and Owen's love nest

First night inspecting and trying out the spots for the workshop

The port of much air


  1. Luke Sims8:45 PM

    thats awesome, i hope you had a great time, so cool for him to let you stay with him and his family.

    and troubles with the english Dutch language barrier?

  2. sounds like you had fun, shame i never heard about..dont know where i stand with PAWA never got told anything by joss or belle, grrr missed out on that one.

  3. Hey - looks pretty cool fun!!...wicked:)


  4. Everyone dutch could speak amazing english so no problem there.
    It was Philip who organized all of this and he invited me owen and blane (blane couldnt make it), dunno if joss had anything to do with it, i am pretty sure it was all philip's doing.

  5. That last photo should really have been labeled "The post of much hair".

    Man I'm gutted I couldn't make this, sounds like you had an amazing time and it would've been a great experience to join you guys in this.

    Well done on leading a group, it must have been a little awkward at times but truly satisfying afterwards.

    I've not seen you for a while my friend, we'll need to fix that.

    Hope that training is going good and your knee is in good shape these days.

    Hasta la vista.


  6. Looks pretty cool. Good opportunity for both them and you two.

    Still going with the hair then, Jin? - Haha


  7. Ben,

    Yeah I read that about shane's brother. I never really spoke to him properly, but just the fact that I met him a few times means I really feel for shane. I hope he is coping ok, its a horrific thing to happen. Losing someone as close as a brother is really terrible and i cant imagine losing mine.
    I hope he is doing ok,

  8. Slyver 3139:37 PM

    *Just noticed your blog :P*

    It was a really great day learned alot ;) altough not from you *I was in group 5*

    *note wy do my eyes look evil*i'm the not so tall guy with an cap leftside of group pic*