3 Staples.

Ok, to start things off I have a few of pictures, namely a tuck planche, front lever and a v-sit. So I have been working on the tuck planche quite casually for about 2 months or so and have got a max hold down of about 25 seconds, but the legs start to drop near the end.

My maximum hold for this is 15 secs, give or take a few seconds either side, which means I have a lot of work to do on both holds. Good progressions for this exercise is to work from l-sit upwards, slow and controlled raising and lowering, which is also a good exercise in itself. Leg raises from a bar are good also, but you also need strong triceps to stop you from falling backwards, you can see mine are really trying to hold out in the picture below.

Right, the front lever is another gymnastic technique which requires a lot of strength. At the moment I can hold this position for a modest 3 seconds at best, but with straddle legs, a while longer, 5-10 seconds maybe. So to work this up, you can start like a tuck planche, legs into chest, then straight back, then straddle, until finally straight legs. Even more extreme are one arm front levers, or with a kettle bell in one hand etc. So I didn't have enough room here for straddle FL, so here is my full but short FL.

Toward the end of this clip I begin to dip my hips involuntarily. This is because my muscles start to tire, but the beginning is good form and is what I am aiming to achieve for a longer time.

These techniques provide a good staple of strength training, the full body tension tires the muscles fast, but progress is relatively fast with diligent practice (something i need to take up with these exercises). So I'll be tracking my progress on these exercises over the next months on here, hopefully making gains in the not so distant future.
Give or take a few seconds either side:
V-SIT: 15 secs
FRONT LEVER: (straight leg) 3 secs (straddle) 6

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    1. Peter G9:42 PM

      cool beans man, that v-sit is a bit mad! good lucky training them and that, see ya round college