Windmills innit!

Yay, after practicing these every now and then in the gym, I tried them in an empty mall and nailed some rotations. First decent mills on a hard floor. Things that i need to correct are wider legs, lower legs, and less stabbing. But I am happy with them at the moment and will work on them. Just trying to build a little repetoire of power moves, but honestly i dont practice them enough to make any real progress so this is a bit of motivation for me.

Also achieved a slow, no momentum muscle up today on some scaffolding after being inspired to train it from seeing blane in the new TT video. So thats another skill i will be pushing to achieve, hopefully I will have it more consistent in the near future.


  1. loving the jin really cool stuff.see you soon

  2. Livewire11:37 PM

    Now you've got mills, lets battle!

    Only joking, Nice work man, i kno you'd get flares easily with just a bit of practise, you got perfect stregnth and flexibility for it.

    Peace, sianara